The Digital Vortex in 2017: It’s not a question of “when”

The Digital Vortex in 2017: It’s not a question of “when”

6 min.
October 2017

At the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, we conduct research and analysis on digital business transformation, and prepare executives and companies for success in the digital era. One of our first initiatives was to examine with precision just what the digital age is. We aimed to determine its impact on the economy, industries and companies, as well as what strategies are being and should be used by incumbents in the face of this changed competitive environment.

In our research beginning in 2015, we saw that some industries were quickly and heavily affected by digital disruption, others less immediately. But it became apparent that all would face it at some point.

It came to us to use the analogy of a vortex to describe this phenomenon. A vortex, of course, is a whirling force that pulls everything towards its center, typically in a chaotic manner. We published an award-winning book, “Digital Vortex: How Today’s Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game”, as well as several shorter works that year.


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