Executive Education Rankings

Executive education rankings are a primary tool for executives looking for the best management training courses for strengthening their business management and leadership skills.

Executive Education Rankings

But what's in a ranking? Who are the reputable sources and how do they judge which are the top executive programs and business management schools? Do the top 10 business schools really have more to offer than others? Don't underestimate the importance of executive education rankings.


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...Independent, reputable sources
Who's behind the executive education rankings? The Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist are among the most highly-reputed independent rankings publishers. They only look at accredited business schools – so to even be considered, a leadership development institute must attain a certain level. The executive education rankings are based on professionally-designed surveys and strict methodology. With a focus on the needs of key constituencies – especially prospective students and recruiters – they compare indicators such as professors' research publications in reputed journals; student and professor diversity; and graduate salary and career progress.

Rankings can help you...

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Executive Education Rankings

Executive education rankings identify the top 10 business schools overall and in various subcategories such as 1 year MBA, Executive MBA, executive education, European business schools, American business schools, and international business schools. In this way, executive education rankings help you identify good business schools and the business classes that best match your needs.


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When you begin your search through executive education rankings, you gain the critical advantage of being able to hone in on only the most innovative, results-bringing executive education programs. But it's still up to you to find your best fit and most important program features, like:

  • Flexibility – Good business management schools flexibly fit education into your busy life by mixing online learning and face-to-face time. On-campus at a top-ranked business school, you are taught by renowned faculty and can build an excellent peer network.
  • Experiential learning – getting into the action drives your learning home like nothing else. With the best executive education programs, you'll find hands-on learning like leadership coaching, leadership exercises, consultancy projects and projects related to your company.
  • Behavior-based learning – good business schools help you boost your understanding of the dynamics of human behaviour, including your own. This enables you to understand and master business situations rather than try to "plug in" textbook approaches.
  • Immediate value – today's best executive programs are designed so that you can apply you new skills back at the office right away, and even during the program through assignments on your own business challenges.
  • Life-long learning – a top-ranked business school that offers a range of the best executive education programs for all career levels can become your life-long learning partner and will connect you to a valuable network. It's important to look beyond your immediate needs when comparing schools in the executive education rankings.
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...The best executive education programs

Executive Education Rankings

One school that regularly features among the top international business schools is IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. What makes it so special? A 100% focus on real-world executive education, flexible and personalized programs, and an exceptionally global perspective are key to what puts IMD at the top of the executive education rankings.

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Discover how IMD's Foundations for Business Leadership program can prepare you for more senior management positions. 

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