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Into the light: How CHROs can help shadow boards succeed

CEO Circle

Into the light: how CHROs can help shadow boards succeed

Published 21 October 2022 in CEO Circle β€’ 6 min read

Many companies are turning to shadow boards to bring fresh perspectives to the complex challenges they face. HR has an important role in helping them to succeed.

At a time when companies are buffeted by an extraordinary range of complex and dynamic challenges, their executive teams are under huge pressure. To achieve resolution of many of the unfamiliar issues with which they are wrestling, they require access to new expertise – or, at least, their decision-making process would benefit from fresh perspectives. As a result, many companies are turning to shadow boards to help reinvigorate their strategy development.

Shadow boards can also be a powerful tool for CHROs, allowing the latter to tap into new ideas about how to tackle the challenges they face. Moreover, CHROs have a critical role to play in ensuring that shadow boards are set up for success. Here’s what they need to know.

What are shadow boards?

The concept of the shadow board is a simple one: it is a board that shadows the executive team. However, it can be set up in different ways. Some shadow the board in both physical and procedural respects. For example, if there…

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