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Real Impact Marketing

Stefan Michel

By Professor Stefan MichelStefan Michel
with Lisa Duke

Real Impact Marketing helps decision makers to improve their Marketing Contribution Impact by aligning customer insights, value co-creation, value communication, and value capture.

Stefan Michel and Lisa Duke, both academics who help practitioners to master their marketing and strategy challenges at IMD, Lausanne, created a learning journey for reflective executives and entrepreneurs.

Marketing is a business discipline that should lead to results. It must have real and visible impact. Most marketing textbooks discuss various marketing instruments, interesting examples and managerial frameworks. Yet, they fail to link any of these elements to real impact.

This book does not take a “marketing perspective” but a business perspective. Whenever possible, the authors make an explicit link between marketing and finance to illustrate this. They provide a language for evidence-based discussions within the marketing team and the wider organization. “Impact” does not just happen, it has to be the focus throughout every marketing process.

The book “Real Impact Marketing” is not a comprehensive summary of the history and development of marketing thinking and it does not cover the academic marketing literature. Instead, it takes a very real and practical approach, based on years of interacting with executives about what they need to know to be effective and to deliver results.

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