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8 things top online courses offer you

The top online courses in executive education can help you gain relevant new knowledge and skills to rise higher as a business manager and deliver more to your company – today and tomorrow. For a genuine, practical impact on your performance, take a look at these 8 things these courses can offer you:

Top Online Courses1. Manager in training programs: You're young, you're ambitious – you want to make sure you stand out from the crowd to boost your general management career. You're perfectly positioned to take advantage of top online courses for business management training. It will help you bring together talent, education and experience to get action-ready for new responsibilities in higher general management.

2. Finance courses: Not just finance executives, but also general business managers require strong finance skills. Top online courses for finance training can offer an opportunity to conduct a strategic assessment of your own financial capabilities, benchmark and review best practices. Finance courses from top business schools put you in touch with the latest tools and techniques – so you can ensure you leverage them effectively to business advantage.

Top Online Courses3. Global business development: The world of business is more multifaceted and interdependent than ever before. No business development executive remains strong without complete, up-to-the-minute understanding of the global picture. Top online courses in global business development can help you ensure strong global perspectives and avoid the tunnel vision that fast-paced daily activity can lead to. Instead, you keep right on top of worldwide megatrends.

4. Change management courses: Particularly when you are at the stage of moving from a functional leadership role to senior general management, you can benefit from top online courses in project change management. Your new role will involve managing change to ensure ongoing cross-functional team strength – be prepared.

Top Online Courses5. Marketing courses: All business managers, not just marketing and branding managers, need an understanding of marketing strategies for value creation. There are marketing courses online for both marketing professionals and general management leaders. Top online courses will help keep your knowledge of marketing concepts and frameworks fresh so you come out a winner in tough markets.

6. Negotiations training and conflict management training: All successful business managers require effective negotiation skills and conflict management skills. You can keep yours sharp to help you lead with conviction with top online courses for conflict and negotiations training.

Top Online Courses7. Leadership and executive coaching: While in-person group and individual leadership coaching cannot be replaced, executive coaching consultants can also work with you remotely to help you access your best inner leadership skills. There are top online courses for leadership skills that integrate sessions of executive coaching as well as standalone online business coaching programs.

8. Blended learning management courses: Guess what? Some of the best online courses aren't entirely online. Called hybrid business courses or blended learning programs, they let you combine the flexibility of courses online with the action-learning available at top business school campuses. Your best investment when it comes to blended learning management courses is to ensure you work with the best business schools in the world. You'll tap into their longstanding know-how in business education and true understanding of the global business market. Your on-campus experience – working directly with expert professors and networking with successful classmates – is the perfect complement the finest online courses.

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Find how IMD's online program Strategic Thinking will develop your skills! All IMD online education comes with weekly personal coaching. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.

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