Taking an integrated business approach to your marketing improves your results. Stefan Michel, IMD Professor of Marketing and Service Management, gives you the course overview and explains why this approach is essential for all marketers today.


Why this online course is for you

Gain advantage in today’s marketplace by creating more value in the eyes of your customers and consumers and by finding innovative ways to meet your customers’ needs better than your competitors. This program: 

  • Equips you with the skills and capabilities to successfully manage the complex role of today’s marketer
  • Enables you to successfully integrate your marketing with other key functions such as strategy and finance
  • Brings you superior insights on how to co-create, communicate and capture more value for your customers and consumers
  • Shows you how to develop superior customer solutions that are relevant to your business
  • Makes you a more relevant, influential and successful marketer for your business


Your profile for this online course

You are a business executive or team competing in a demanding market environment and experiencing increased pressure on your contribution margins. You need to gain a deeper understanding of value-based marketing and develop the skills and capabilities that can make you a more relevant and influential marketer for your business today and beyond.

Online course overview 

You start the program by considering the value that marketing brings to your organization and making the links between marketing, strategy and finance. You see your position as a relevant and influential force in the organization. You learn about customer lifetime value and how to use the right customer metrics to help you be a better decision-maker.

You learn how to compete for value and to deepen your understanding of marketing metrics. You discover better ways to co-create value and then how to communicate it and capture it more effectively. This journey leads to you becoming a superior marketer.

Individual assignments, virtual group work, case studies, readings, video summaries, personalized feedback from your program coach, peer reviews with other participants from across the globe, and personal reflection moments – are all combined to stimulate your thinking, unlock new insights, change habits, and firmly embed the learning.

You will complete the program with a clear understanding of your role as a marketer and a leave with a concrete value-based action plan that can bring you and your company superior results.



  • You work with a dedicated personal coach to support you throughout your learning journey

  • You can develop a current project from your own business and apply what you learn to your context

  • You get IMD certification and become part of the outstanding professional IMD Alumni network



 8 weeks of study, 4-6 hours per week.

The flexible schedule allows you to access the material in your own time and study at your pace. You must successfully complete all weekly assignments in order to finish the program and gain IMD certification. 



Program sessions 2017
MM 1 Closed
MM 2 October 2 - November 24


Fee 2017

CHF 3’900 for individual participants / CHF 3’500 IMD alumni

Corporate Learning Network member corporations receive a number of complimentary seats. If you are applying via your company or corporation, please check internally that you are eligible to apply before submitting your application.

Participant feedback

The combination of developing a value proposition, linking offered capabilities to identified cusomter needs is simple and effective.

Ana Lemos

Global PG HPD Sales and Marketing Manager, ABB Oy, Finland