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Stay on top of your field with online certificate courses

Online Certificate CoursesOnline certificate courses are the less constraining alternative to on-campus business courses. You can obtain many of the same certifications, degrees or diplomas through courses online, while studying and completing assignments 24/7, from anywhere, using mobile devices. Online certificate courses can help you enhance your general management or functional leadership skills, stay on top of evolution within your field, or earn credentials needed for a new position. Here's a closer look at online certificate courses.

A wide range of possibilities is available

Wondering if there are online certificate courses for your requirements? Chances are the answer is yes. You could say there's something for everyone in online certificate courses. Courses online are available for business managers at any point in their career – from manager training for those just moving into leadership to senior leaders courses. You can also obtain numerous different levels of qualifications, so your ambitions can be fulfilled whether you seek a management certificate program of a few weeks or an online Executive MBA. And of course, online certificate courses are available for just about any field of function of business, for example:

Good online certificate courses use learning methods that hit home

Online certificate course developers use some of the best learning techniques from the classroom, while leveraging the power of interactive technology to make learning interesting, applicable and fun – ideally, this helps your learning truly hit home and gives you new skills for the long-term. No matter what area of functional or general management you work in, there are some generalities that will apply:

Core management skills training: Learning methods:
  • Project planning, development and management
  • Leadership and management skills, team building
  • Communications, branding and marketing strategies
  • Finance training
  • Global perspectives and understanding of market trends
  • Analysis of real-life case studies
  • Assignments and projects to apply directly to your actual workplace challenges
  • Interactive individual and group communication (email, IM, VOIP, video) with your professor
  • Interactive team projects to work on with classmates from around the world
  • Executive coaching

Some of the best online certificate courses balance online with on-campus modules

Online Certificate CoursesManagement certificate programs can be offered online or on-campus, and there are advantages to both. Did you know that you can combine the two? Often called hybrid or blended management programs, these courses can really bring together the best of both world. During the distance segments, you study at your own pace online and benefit from the challenge of applying your own analysis. This will help you intellectually prepare for the on-campus portions, bridge modules and integrate new leadership and management skills on-the-job. When you go to your business school's campus, you'll have the chance to get to know your professors and classmates better. If you attend a top business school, these professors will be among the most well-known and your classmates are likely to be ambitious and successful professionals. The result is a stimulating learning environment, as well as great networking. Your time on campus also provides an important opportunity to engage in action-learning like leadership coaching and leadership exercises, which will help you gain the "feel" for your new skills. It's worth considering because blended executive education is increasingly recognized as one of the most dynamic and impactful ways there is to deliver online certificate courses.

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Find how IMD's online program Strategic Thinking will develop your skills! All IMD online education comes with weekly personal coaching. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.


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