IMD Leading Under Pressure program - IMD Business School IMD Leading Under Pressure program - IMD Business School IMD Leading Under Pressure program - IMD Business School
On campus program
Leading Under Pressure

Preventing human error and unlocking leadership resilience

On campus program

Leading Under Pressure

Preventing human error and unlocking leadership resilience

3 days
CHF 7,900
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25 November 2024

Build your leadership toolkit for times of turbulence

Every now and then, an incident occurs that makes the world hold its breath, unable to do anything except watch as it unfolds. Behind most critical situations and their outcomes are individuals and teams, stories of human error and leadership failure, but also stories of success. By examining why these situations arise and how they are managed, powerful leadership lessons that are applicable to business and everyday life can be drawn.

IMD’s Leading Under Pressure program equips you with the leadership skills you need to navigate pivotal moments of turmoil, complexity, and crisis. You will learn how the human brain reacts to uncertainty and stress, and how to detect warning signals early on.

Through captivating case studies, you will gain insights into the role of emotions in critical scenarios and develop techniques for effective decision-making under pressure. You will also examine your leadership approach and learn how to build resilient teams capable of high performance in challenging situations.

Led by two of IMD’s expert faculty members with extensive experience in hostage negotiations and conflict management, this program offers a truly immersive experience rooted in inspiring real-life stories and actionable insights for emerging stronger from adversity.

Harness the power of emotions

Discover the profound impact of emotions on leadership effectiveness during turbulent times. Gain the tools to recognize and manage your own emotional responses, decode stress signals within your team, and increase your comfort with emotional landscapes.

Enhance decision-making under pressure

Improve your ability to maintain composure and clarity in high-stake moments, enabling you to conduct accurate situational analyses, make the right decisions, and prioritize your next steps with a robust action plan.

Build high-performing teams

Learn how to develop teams that perform well under pressure through secure base leadership, effective communication, emotional bonding, and cultivating trust and psychological safety.

Foster a strong support system

Explore why relationships are at the heart of organizational resilience and how you can turn networks of stakeholders into interdependent teams of teams capable of working together effectively in complex, high-stress situations.

Transform turbulence into opportunity

Reframe critical situations as opportunities for growth and innovation by embracing change, adapting rapidly to new challenges, and elevating team morale and engagement.

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You and your class

You are an experienced organizational or team leader, senior executive, or seasoned professional in a highly reactive industry, seeking to enhance your own and your team’s ability to respond effectively in critical, high-stake situations, and navigate disruption and uncertainty.

Your class members have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience and come from a wide range of industries, functional backgrounds, and geographic regions.

This program is also suitable for teams seeking to align around a common, proactive approach to complex challenges.

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Information Session
Join us on 13 August 2024

Interested in an IMD leadership program? Don’t miss this opportunity to get all your questions answered by our Program Advisors at 17:00 (CEST).

Information Session

Join us on 13 August 2024

Interested in an IMD leadership program? Don’t miss this opportunity to get all your questions answered by our Program Advisors at 17:00 (CEST).

Your learning journey: Navigate critical situations with agility and resilience

Self-paced preparation, starting six weeks before the program

  • Write and reflect on your own stories of leadership success and failure during critical situations.
  • Dive into recent case studies documenting situations of high pressure, human error, and leadership failure.
  • Reflect on your purpose, role, and practices as a leader in times of complexity and turmoil.
  • Craft the key questions that will guide your inquiry and exploration during the program.
Mapping, connecting, and exploring

On campus, 3 days


  • Learn lessons from high pressure situations through case studies, personal experiences, interactive dialogues, work in coaching groups, and testimonials by guest speakers.
  • Identify different sources of crisis within the context of your leadership practices, team, and organization: human error, organizational sources, structural, and systemic factors.
  • Pinpoint zones of stress for you and your team.
  • Map your ecosystem of stakeholders with a view to forming a resilient fabric of relationships.



  • Identify the connection between human error and organizational failure in the role played by leadership.
  • Understand how stress, uncertainty and turmoil impact your emotions and your responses and decision making as a leader.
  • Be aware of your internal and external sources of resilience and pathways back to high energy levels.
  • Reflect on how you can build strong and interdependent networks of teams in your organization.
  • Connect your learnings experientially through a VR simulation.



    • Examine leadership approaches to eradicate the roots of failure at the individual and collective level: Mindset, connection, dialogue, psychological trust, relational capital.
    • Discover how to decode signals of stress and risk to prevent crisis.
    • Gain practical tools to build more resilient organizations capable of withstanding volatility.
    • Understand how interdependent teams can achieve high performance.
    • Delve into actions that enable you, your team, and organization to respond effectively in turmoil, prevent human error, and enable business continuity.
    • Learn how to design micro-experiments to open up new possibilities.
Integrating, envisioning, and enacting

Self-paced integration over six weeks post program

  • Integrate insights from the program into your work and life through practices and micro-experiments, some of which you will design with a peer.
  • Benefit from a one-hour coaching session to discuss your progress, new insights, and your vision of your role as a leader capable of steering your team and organization towards new possibilities.
IMD Leading Under Pressure program - IMD Business School

The way you respond to high-pressure situations can define who you are as a leader. Leading Under Pressure aims to give you the inspiration, tools, and techniques to resolve any critical situation and see the opportunities beyond it.

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George Kohlrieser Program Co-Director
IMD Leading Under Pressure program - IMD Business School

In today’s extremely complex world, it is paramount for leaders to be equipped to deal effectively with unexpected high-pressure situations.

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Sameh Abadir Program Co-Director
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Length: 3 days on campus

25 Nov – 28 Nov 2024
3 days
CHF 7,900

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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