Our Purpose

We prepare executives to lead their organizations into the digital era to take advantage of digital opportunities and manage disruptive threats. Our goal is to inform and engage organizations along their transformation journey, through applied research and executive education. The DBT Center combines Cisco's leadership in digitization with IMD's expertise in developing global leaders, focusing on the organizational change required for digital transformation. Full-time researchers from both IMD and Cisco draw from diverse backgrounds to drive our thought leadership strategy.

Praise for Orchestrating Transformation

Orchestrating Transformation is an exceptional read for CEOs in this age of frequent technological disruption. You’ll get timeless tools, tactics, and frameworks to help you transform your business and adapt as artificial intelligence and digital technologies reshape your industry.

Kai-Fu Lee

Founder and CEO of Sinovation Ventures

The reason many digital transformation programs fail has little to do with ambition and technology. It is mainly about execution. Digital transformation, at scale, respects none of the traditional organizational boundaries that we have created. In Orchestrating Transformation, the authors dig deep into the “How” of digital transformation and provide hard-won lessons from many companies’ successes and failures. As we face perpetual cycles of increasingly complex digital change, this book is timely for both practitioners and business leaders who want to turn the odds of transformation in their favor. 

Didier Bonnet

co-author, Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation