Donald Marchand

Professor Emeritus of Strategy Execution and Information Management

Donald A Marchand is Professor Emeritus of Strategy Execution and Information Management. His research and teaching interests include how companies use digital technologies to innovate and transform their business models to compete, how companies grow in scale and scope to achieve global agility with local flexibility, and how leaders create organizations where people can fully share and effectively use knowledge and information for evidence-based decision making. He was formerly the Dean of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and the Founder and Director of the Institute for Information Management, Technology and Policy in the College of Business at the University of South Carolina. He earned his PhD from UCLA.

Marchand has designed and directed leadership and transformation programs for ABB, Commerzbank, Coca-Cola HBC, Degussa (Evonics), Daimler Financial Services, HSBC, Norske Skog, Novartis, Otis Elevator, Rexel, Shell, Siemens, and Syngenta. He co-founded enterpriseIQ®, the first business analytics company to develop scientifically based metrics for measuring how effectively a company’s people use their knowledge, information, and digital technology to improve performance. Over the years, he has been an advisor and consultant to over 100 companies globally, as well as not-for-profit organizations and government agencies including The White House and US Congress.

He has authored over 50 cases, teaching notes, and videos for leading companies on various topics related to leadership, strategy, innovation, global transformation, supply chain management, and sustainability. In 2014, he won the Best of the Best and Responsible Leadership awards from the European Foundation for Management Development for the IMD Case Series on SMS for Life. He has written IMD Cases on how large-scale collaborations are organized and led, such as the Olympic Games and IOC in sports, and the CERN Atlas Particle Detector – responsible for the discovery of the Higgs Boson – in physics.

Marchand has also co-authored and edited eight books and contributed over 30 book chapters and 100 articles for journals and business magazines such as Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, and Sloan Management Review.

From 1997-2000, he directed the largest externally funded Partnership Research Project at IMD, entitled Navigating Business Success. This innovative study scientifically examined for the first time the perspectives of senior managers on the effective use of information, people, and IT capabilities in improving business performance. The study involved 1,200 managers and over 200 senior management teams from 103 companies.

Academic publications
We’re engaged! Following the path to a successful information management capability
Knowledge ManagementTechnology ManagementLeadership
An Information Management Capability (IMC) has been shown to drive business performance; however, little research has investigated the managerial and governance factors that drive IMC. To address t...
1 September 2021
Case Study
Digital transformation at Novartis to improve customer engagement
The pharmaceutical industry was under siege, with regular price rollbacks and the powerful advance of generics frequently making news headlines. Many of the industry’s leading companies, including ...
31 December 2014
Leveraging CIO expertise to create social value: Novartis’ SMS for Life initiative
SustainabilityTop Team
By leveraging their information management knowledge, leadership skills and working relationships with external IT companies, CIOs are in a unique position to help a company achieve its social resp...
1 March 2013
Case Study
SMS for Life (C): Sustaining the initiative and leveraging its social and business value for Novartis
This third and final part of the "SMS for Life" case series concentrates on the institutional response to the question of how Novartis could sustain and leverage the capabilities of SMS for Life pr...
16 November 2012
CIO and business executive leadership approaches to establishing company-wide information orientation
Knowledge ManagementTop TeamLeadershipStrategy
In the digital world, business executives have a heightened awareness of the strategic importance of information and information management to their companies’ value creation. This presents both le...
1 December 2011
Information management practices (IMP) from the senior manager's perspective: An investigation of the IMP construct and its measurement
Knowledge Management
While many scholars have discussed what a company should look like when it has reached an advanced state in using its information, there has been little empirical research to develop a valid effect...
5 September 2011
Case Study
SMS for Life (B): Living the implementation challenges of a successful pilot project
After successfully completing the roll-out of the SMS for Life project in three health districts in Tanzania, Jim Barrington, former group CIO of Novartis and Project Director for SMS for Life with...
6 June 2011
Case Study
SMS for Life (A): A public-private collaboration to prevent stock-outs of life saving malaria drugs in Africa
Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease and a public health problem in over 100 countries worldwide. It causes about one million deaths each year; most of them are children under the age of ...
30 August 2010
Designing enterprise IT architectures to optimize flexibility and standardization in global business
Technology Management
As companies compete in a "flat world," business strategists look to the enterprise IT architecture as an enabler of meeting unique local customer demands while also maintaining a cost-effective gl...
1 June 2010
Insight for Executives
Technology isn’t enough to empower employees, even in a digital world
Change ManagementDigitalTechnology ManagementCulture
Over the last 10 years, a basic shift has occurred from an IT-deployment view of the world of big systems and even bigger projects toward a people-centric and user-oriented view of hardware, inform...
17 February 2016
Digital Business Transformation, the game changer
Digital Business Transformation, the game changer
Customer Centricity Digital Organizational Transformation Social Media Technology Management
The explosion in the use of digital technologies is changing the dynamics of competition in many industries. But digital business transformation (DBT) is about more than an increased use of devices...
10 June 2015
Digital business transformation: Where is your company on the journey
Digital business transformation: Where is your company on the journey
Change Management Digital Strategy Technology Management
Digital business transformation (DBT) is happening on a scale and at a speed that managers find both threatening and promising. The benefits of DBT are tremendous, but they are unevenly distributed...
29 April 2014
Are you prepared for your digital transformation?
Are you prepared for your digital transformation?
Change Management Digital Disruption Organizational Transformation Strategy
There is a great deal of hype these days about 'digital transformation'. The term is often used but rarely defined. Wikipedia notes that it can mean anything from 'going paperless' to 'the applicat...
23 January 2014
The case for inspiration
Value CreationGeneral Management
Our SMS for Life case series shows how technology can improve supplies of life-saving anti-malaria drugs in sub-Saharan Africa. It also highlights the inspirational leadership and commitment of Jim...
1 January 2014
Leadership and character
Leadership and character
Ethics Leadership Psychology Sustainability
In today’s increasingly connected and transparent business environment, it is not just the “what” of a company’s strategy¦that will determine its success or failure. Questions regarding the charact...
23 December 2013
Case study: Applying expertise to a new field
StrategySupply Chain
IT head led new way to distribute drugs¦The story. Novartis, the Swiss healthcare company, is one of the world's biggest makers of anti-malaria drugs. Through its Novartis Malaria Initiative , it h...
29 January 2013
The currency for world events is the information about them
Knowledge Management
1 November 2011
Information orientation (IO): How effective information use drives business performance
Performance MeasurementStrategyKnowledge Management
What will it take for a company to realize the potential of the information age? How can information be used for strategic advantage and impact the bottom line? We contend that efforts to measure a...
1 September 2011
Cómo emplear la información para crear valor en la empresa
Knowledge ManagementPerformance Measurement
El auténtico potencial de las capacidades de información reside en su utilidad para gestionar mejor otras capacidades operativas. Así, las empresas que invierten en este ámbito pueden influir direc...
1 July 2010
How some companies outperform competition
CompetitivenessPerformance Measurement
Companies in every sector all over the world are confronted with growing complexity. Not only are relationships with competitors, customers, and suppliers becoming more complicated and involved, bu...
27 January 2010
More effective use of information
Knowledge Management
Companies in every sector all over the world are confronted with growing complexity. Not only are relationships with competitors, customers, and suppliers becoming more complicated and involved, bu...
14 January 2010
Acelerador de conhecimentos
Process Management
que aconteceu no primeiro trilionésimo de segundo após o Big Bang? Como foi criada a matéria? Existem mundos paralelos? No ano passado, cientistas esperavam que a maior experiência científica do mu...
1 January 2010
When great minds collaborate for mankind's common gain
WHAT happened in the first trillionth of a second after the Big Bang? How was matter created? Are there parallel worlds? Last year, scientists hoped that the world's largest ever science experiment...
2 December 2009
O novo papel do CIO
Knowledge ManagementTop Team
1 January 2009
Reaping the business value of IT
Technology ManagementStrategyKnowledge ManagementCustomer Centricity
If people ask senior executives and managers as it is done in executive programs at IMD whether their companies are extracting the expected business value of their investments in IT, the overwhelmi...
1 November 2007
Si es bien sabido que el cliente es un factor crucual en la competitividad actual, ¿por què entonces la implementación de sistemas CRM no es exitosa?
Customer Centricity
1 June 2007
On the dark side
Knowledge ManagementPerformance MeasurementCultureLeadership
It's easy for leaders to use their privileged access to information to manipulate data or inflate results. But the easy way is seldom the best way, and companies that use information effectively ge...
29 November 2002
Information orientation: People, technology and the bottom line
Technology ManagementOrganizational DesignCompetitivenessKnowledge Management
In this article, the authors argue that information technology improves business performance only if combined with competent information management and the right behaviors and values. They present ...
1 August 2000
Hard IM choices for senior managers
Technology ManagementKnowledge ManagementOrganizational DesignCommunication
Rapid developments in IT and information management have left senior managers uncertain about their strategy. They want to know how to compete with IT to improve business performance. According to ...
5 April 1999