Case Study

CEMEX: Global growth through superior information capabilities (Abridged)

13 pages
July 2002
Reference: IMD-3-1081

In a decade, CEMEX has become the third largest cement company in the world and has achieved an enviable growth record. CEMEX has established its public image as a “digital leader” leveraging information technology and e-business ventures in the traditional low-tech and conventional cement industry. The case, however, illustrates that being a digital leader is only part of the story. The CEMEX Way is highly focused on developing the right behaviors and values in CEMEX people globally to use information about products, customers and operations effectively and to deploy common processes, information practices and IT infrastructure to promote not only profitable growth globally and locally, but also to rapidly integrate its acquisitions to its way of doing business. The case also maps out how the company moved through three stages of e-business initiatives to move “beyond the e” in developing new ventures to grow into the construction materials industry. As the cement industry is rapidly consolidating worldwide, the case raises the issue of how a company competes with information, people and IT capabilities to effectively use its knowledge and information to bring the company’s growth to new levels.

Information Technology, eBusiness, Global Growth, Acquisition, Cement
Field Research
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