Welcome to the IMD Alumni Club of Poland/CEE

Dear IMD Alumni in Poland:

A small organising team under the lead of Izabela Walczewska-Schneyder and Przemyslaw Kucharski has worked hard over the past months to organise the setting up of the Alumni Club of Poland. We are now in the process of officially registering the Club to the court, documents have been sent – it should be a formality only but it might take some time. In the meantime, we wanted to communicate this exciting new initiative to you.

The current leadership team would like to invite everyone interested to let us know by email if you are interested in getting involved.

The IMD Alumni Network in Poland has a huge potential. Alumni are spread over a number of industries, positions and companies. The base is strong. We have a fantastic opportunity here to activate a valuable Network and benefit from interactions and the value that connecting and sharing will bring. The objectives of IMD's Alumni Clubs are to provide platforms for continuous learning and opportunities to build and grow strong business relationships, while to increase the profile of IMD in the country. This is done through events, gatherings abnd other forms of activities that we will generate together.

If you are interested and have questions, please email us at [email protected].

We hope to build and grow with you a solid business network which we can all benefit from.

With kind regards,

Ad Interim
Izabela & Team

Founding members are (alphabetical order by first name):
Amit Roy
Artur Lebiedzinski
Danuta Dabrowska
Dawid Wrona
Ewa Malyszko
Izabela Walczewska-Schneyder
Jowita Bukowinska
Lukasz Baron
Michal Melaniuk
Przemek Kucharski
Wally Bode
Wojciech Rosiak

March 2020

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Ms. Izabela Walczewska-Schneyder


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IMD Alumni Club of Poland/CEE