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Welcome to the IMD Alumni Club of Germany

A warm “Welcome!” to the Alumni Club of Germany.

The IMD Alumni Deutschland e.V. was established in June 1995, to be inaugurated a few months later by the well-acclaimed Honorary Chairman of Nestlé SA, Dr. Helmut Maucher.


We provide our Alumni community with a platform to generate business relationships, to exchange general and specific thoughts, and to allow for continuous learning by building our gatherings around a presentation of meaningful business leaders, top academics, or relevant contributors from the social or cultural fields.
Our Club has consistently presented a program of 4 to 8 key note speakers annually. We do cover a wide range of topics addressing various industries; we are usually honoured to present top level speakers, mainly business owners or CEO’s; we cater to diverse event formats and organise industry visits where possible; occasionally we gather around more cultural functions; and we always do attempt to conduct our events in the geographically “relevant” areas of Hamburg, Berlin, DĂĽsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich.


We inform you on our website about upcoming events to which you can register online. An overview of our past events can also be found there.

The inaugurating assembly at the time decided to form a membership Club triggering an annual fee and thus increasing visibly the commitment of our members. We have a fine list of distinct Club Members, who are all equipped with the enthusiasm to share thoughts on meaningful business and management topics. In this respect, the Alumni Club of Germany stands as a forum for business discussions, for sharing insights and generating new ideas.


We are proud of our Alumni community and about the opportunities that our functions create year after year.

You are most welcome to join our Club and our Network.

We look forward to counting you among us.

Kind regards,

Gerhard Beinhauer Chairman
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    Alumni Club
    Navigating the Future: Problem Fatigue & Pressing Challenges – Now What?
    Navigating the Future
    27 February 2023
    More info
    Alumni Club
    Endspiel um die Inflation
    “Endspiel um die Inflation” – Dr. Markus Krall Frankfurt Degussa Goldhandel GmbH
    26 October 2022
    Degussa Goldhandel GmbH
    More info
    Alumni Club
    Die deutsche Textilindustrie im Wandel
    “Die deutsche Textilindustrie im Wandel” Andreas Zimmer und Stefan Gabel Zimmer + Rohde, Oberursel (Taunus)
    18 October 2022
    Zimmer + Rohde
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    Alumni Club
    Umsetzung nachhaltiger Investmentlösungen mit Impact zur Klimaverbesserung – im Spannungsfeld gesetzlicher Überregulierung und der Lenkung von Kapitalströmen
    29 September 2022
    More info
    Alumni Club
    Form der vatikanischen Finanzierung – ein Erfahrungsbericht
    5 September 2022
    Frankfurt am Main,DE
    More info
    Alumni Club
    Transformation of a hidden champion
    1 June 2022
    More info
    Alumni Club
    Warum mordet Deutschland seine Industrie?
    Warum mordet Deutschland seine Industrie?
    3 May 2022
    More info
    Alumni Club
    A discussion on nutrition
    2 December 2021
    Zoom event,
    More info

    The IMD Alumni Club of Germany was founded in 1995 and the number of members is consistently growing. We welcome every new member who is interested to enrich our already active community.

    There are two ways to join the club:

    1. Send us an email. Click on the «Contact» button on the right hand side of this page.

    We will provide you with the Membership Application, our Charter and a Debit Advice for your bank.

    2. Download the documents here, sign and return them to us. All documents are in German.

    Online-Antrag_Mitgliedschaft IMD Alumni Deutschland

    Onlineformular_SEPA-Lastschriftformat_IMD Alumni Deutschland eV

    Satzung des Vereins

    Membership fee: €120

    Please send the signed documents either by post or E-Mail to:
    Ms. Carolin Löchner, Club Secretary
    IMD Alumni Deutschland eV
    c/o Castle Law
    SaonestraĂźe 3 / 9th floor
    D – 60528 Frankfurt am Main

    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Telefon: +49 (151) 11 44 77 84 (Frau Löchner)

    Ms. Löchner would also be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the club membership or any activity of the club.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to the club.

    Club Committee
    Gerhard Beinhauer


    Antonia Wanner

    Committee Member

    George Lindemann

    Committee Member

    Elizabeth Prigge

    Committee Member

    Carolin Löchner

    Club Secretariat