As a woman leader, reveal your most authentic, effective leadership style for greater influence and impact

Strategies for Leadership is a women leadership program, bringing together senior women leaders from around the world. The program is designed to enable you to develop greater influence and impact by revealing your authentic, most effective leadership style.

Embark on this highly experiential and immersive leadership journey shared with other senior women leaders to explore your own leadership context and how best to navigate it.

Through extensive professional and peer-to-peer coaching as well as thought-provoking plenary sessions you:

  • reflect on your personal leadership challenges
  • grow your skills further
  • deepen your self-awareness

to reveal who you are as a leader and discover your unique and most authentic leadership style. This will help you to move both upwards and onwards in your career.

SL_impact_performance_women leadership program

Grow further as a leader by developing your self-awareness and take on your next-level position with self-assurance and poise.

SL_impact_top level management_women leadership program

Gain practical tools and strategies to bolster your leadership finesse, visibility and assertiveness.

Navigate professional complexities

Learn to flex your leadership style to confidently navigate the professional complexities, biases and invisible barriers that may be holding you back.


Share experiences with a global group of inspiring women leaders and become part of a supportive and lifelong network.

You and your class

You are an experienced executive woman and want to move upwards and onwards in your career. Connect with an inspirational group of senior women leaders, across industries, countries and cultures, who are all facing similar challenges to you.

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The class you join is individually put together through a selection process to ensure that you experience the most impactful learning with a truly diverse group of global peers. Your class will become a trusted resource, encourage your learning journey and surprise you in many unanticipated beneficial ways both during and beyond your classroom experience.

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The major impact of this program for me in one word is empowerment. It has given me the power to be a better leader in my current position, or to move on to the next stage.

Minna Wilkki

Head of Unit, Missions and Partnerships, European Commission, Belgium

Companies with more than three women in managerial roles tend to have better returns on equity and assets...There is a clear business case for hiring and promoting women for more senior roles.

Ginka Toegel

Program Director - Strategies for Leadership program

Start date / fee
Program length: 4 days on campus


CHF 9,900



CHF 9,900


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