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Management Cast

The origins of customer-centricity with Seán Meehan

31 March 2022 in Management Cast

Professor Sean Meehan, the Dean of Faculty at IMD, discusses what makes a customer focussed company...

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Some companies are great for customers. Not only do they care, but they change whole markets to work better for the people they serve. Join Seán Meehan, Dean of Faculty and Professor of Marketing and Strategy, as he explores what it takes to be truly customer-centric.

As the author of two books on how to win and keep customers, Meehan’s work explores how businesses that prioritize customers’ interests ahead of those of all other stakeholders perform better for all stakeholders. 

In the inaugural episode of ManagementCast, Meehan discusses the origins of customer centricity, and what it could mean for your company. 

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