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02:18IMD Digital Excellence Diploma: Participant reviews
"The diploma has made me more confident"
Find out how participants are customizing their Digital Excellence Diploma and the positive impact to their career.
Leading Digital Business Transformation (LDBT) - on campus

Leveraging digital innovations to transform your business.

Learn how to extract the most value from digital technologies and business models.

Learn more about LDBT

Digital Disruption (DD) - online

Competing in the digital vortex

This program helps you formulate a successful, innovative strategy to navigate the disruption.

Learn more about DD

Digital Transformation Foundations (DTF) - liVe virtual

Get a strategic roadmap for digital transformation

Learn the what and the how of digital business transformation.

Learn more about DTF

Digital Transformation Sprint (DTS) - online & liVe virtual

Get your roadmap to transform your business

Uncover strategies to extract new value from digitization and accelerate your business transformation.

Learn more about DTS

Digital Strategy (DS) - liVe virtual

Boost your digital strategy: Fast!

Take advantage of opportunities created by new digital technologies by transforming your company’s digital strategy.

Learn more about DS

Digital Strategy & Analytics (DSA) - on campus

Connecting digital strategy and data analytics

Build an integrated understanding of digital strategies and data analytics.

Learn more about DSA

Developing Digital Transformation Strategies (DDTS) - online

Gain practical strategies for digital transformation

 Explores a strategic approach to digital transformation to effectively navigate change and grow your competitive advantage

Learn more about DDTS

Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS) - on campus

Transform your customer offering

Learn how to create, capture and deliver value in a digital world.

Learn more

Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age (MSDA) - online

Recreating customer value through digital

Get a strategic view on how to rethink marketing and value creation through the lens of digital

Learn more

Digital Marketing Fundamentals (DMF) - on demand

Rethink your approach to digital marketing

Understand key digital marketing concepts and rethink your approach to digital marketing.

Learn more

Digital Execution (DE) - on campus

Identify fast and effective implementation methodologies

Get your roadmap of initiatives to implement, methodologies to use and technologies to apply to bring your company’s digital strategy to life.

Learn more

Digital Transformation in Practice (DTIP) - online

A practical, step-by-step approach to digital business implementation

Learn how to set up and implement a successful digital transformation.

Learn more

Leading in the Digital Age (LDA) - liVe virtual

Master digital leadership: Change how you and your team work

Develop the skills and capabilities you’ll need to be an effective leader in an era of perpetual change and disruption.

Learn more

Leadership Skills for the Digital Age (LSDA) - online

Leading at your best in the digital age

Lead at your best in a globally connected, ever-changing world.

Learn more

Digital Analytics (DA) - liVe virtual

Make analytics your next big competitive advantage

Understand what big data and analytics can do for your business and how you can best utilize and allocate resources in these areas.

Learn more

Business Analytics for Leaders (BAL) - online

Harness the strategic power of business analytics

Get a strategic overview of different types of big data and data analytics.

Learn more

Digital Supply Chain Management (DSCM) - on campus

Get maximum value from your supply chain

Explore your opportunities to develop an agile, customer responsive and profitable supply chain.

Learn more

Leading Digital Innovation in Supply Chain & Logistics (DSCL) - online

Identify opportunities to transform your supply chain by leveraging technology

Get the skills to identify opportunities to transform and optimize your business supply chain by leveraging efficiency-driven technology.

Learn more

TransformTECH (TT) - on campus

Inspiring technologies that create new business opportunities

Find new business solutions using the most globally applicable innovative technologies with the support of business and technology experts.

Learn more

Cybersecurity for Managers (CSM) - online

Gain a practical approach to cyber resilience

Gain the tools to effectively leverage current data protection regulations and build on the security systems you already have in place.

Learn more

Digital Transformation for Boards (DTB) - on campus or liVe virtual

Get the right digital vocabulary and toolkit

Become up-to-speed with the new digital landscape so you can make informed decisions and provide the best recommendations when evaluating digital opportunities and threats for your company.

Learn more

Blockchain and the Future of Finance (BFF) - online

Say on top of fintech disruption

Explore the evolution of financial technology (fintech), and shed light on how it can be used to unlock opportunities and yield unique benefits.

Learn more

Reach your goals with IMD Digital Excellence Diploma

Upgrade your digital capabilities for a rapidly transforming context with the Digital Excellence Diploma.

  • Become a certified Digital Transformation expert
  • Select your key topics from an extensive program portfolio
  • Gain both breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Be recognized for your digital expertise

IMD is ranked #1 in the world for Open Programs for the ninth consecutive year in the 2020 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings.

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At IMD we care about your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise make available to third parties any personal information for marketing purposes. Read complete privacy policy.
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