liVe virtual program
Leading Customer-Centric Strategies

Boost growth. Become a customer-focused powerhouse.

liVe virtual program

Leading Customer-Centric Strategies

Boost growth. Become a customer-focused powerhouse.

Location liVe virtual

Length 9 weeks including 3 weeks immersive learning

Fee CHF 7,900

Next program starts 6 February 2023

How to become more valuable to your clients

Your goal is to be customer centric. Your future relies on meeting your customers’ needs and desires through your products and services. Yet despite the theory, many companies fail to meet expectations.

So how do you become a customer-focused powerhouse that is hyper-relevant and valuable to your clients? The answer lies in leveraging and integrating three key business dimensions:  your strategic marketing, digital transformation and leadership.

You bring your own critical business challenge to the program and apply these different perspectives to your challenge. Guided by expert faculty and supported by peers, you will learn how to achieve alignment and integration across these different functional areas. You will leave with personalized, actionable takeaways to enable deeper customer connection, boosted growth and improved business performance.

Work on your own challenge

Work on your own business challenge and assess the customer-centric maturity of your organization.

Get frameworks and tools

Get strategic frameworks and practical tools to improve on three dimensions.

Develop your leadership skills

Develop the specific leadership behaviors for effective customer-centricity across your organization.

Learn to redesign customer experience

Discover how to use digital transformation to redesign the experience.

You and your class

You are a manager with at least 10 years of experience, looking to steer your organizations towards improved customer-centricity as a means to deliver better growth outcomes. You have leadership responsibility and experience in a market-facing function with external customers.

Recent participants include: Director, Strategy & Business Development, Head of Transformation & Digitalization, Senior Client Engagement Manager, Digital Marketing Lead, Director of Client Success, Global Head of partnerships
Industry areas include: healthcare, logistics, supply chain, finance & insurance, manufacturing, IT, automotive


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Assess your professional profile

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The learning at Leading Customer-Centric Strategies is very applicable and energizing. The case studies and faculty are inspiring.

Hans Nasemann Managing Director APAC, Blanco, Singapore

Your approach to customer-centricity perfectly addresses the challenges I’m currently facing in my organization. I can’t wait to share the learnings with my leadership team.

Nilesh Koul Sr President Marketing – Business Development & Strategic Initiatives, Hindalco Industries, India

This program leaves you motivated and inspired. The balance is right between the different topics. Thanks for a great experience, IMD!

Els van Herewegen Director, IDS Solutions & Digital Strategy, BD Integrated Diagnostic solutions, EMEA
Experience the program
Managing the complexity of customer centricity.
The importance of digital leadership.
Unlocking the full mystery.
Meet your Program Directors

Our faculty members are recognized world authorities in their fields. Dividing their time between teaching, research and working with international companies, they remain on top of the latest management trends. You can expect timely, innovative learning activities, materials, and content in all IMD programs.

Your learning journey

Leading Customer-Centric Strategies provides you with a three-stage approach to increase your firm’s customer-centricity over nine weeks. The program is fully liVe virtual, offering you IMD’s latest, interactive learning experience, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Tailored onboarding

Over the first 3 weeks, while at work, you will take a deep dive into your organization and assess the maturity of your firm’s customer-centricity. You will evaluate areas such as:

  • How actively you engage with customers
  • End-to end customer experience
  • Customer loyalty
  • Digital transformation as a source of value
  • Customer data and data integration across channels


With our help, you will then formulate an individualized, customer-centricity challenge.

Immersive learning

Using the latest interactive and immersive learning technologies, the program delivers 24 hours of virtual liVe learning over the course of 3 weeks. You will understand the crucial linkages between each dimension of customer-centricity, digitization, and leadership.

Transformative landing

We ensure the program translates into impact and results once you are back full-time at work. You will practice these learned principles, and apply them directly to your business, supported by coaching and group debriefing. Depending on your challenge you will end the program either with a specific change to implement, an experiment to set-up or a convincing proposal.

Work on your customer-centric challenge
Peer to peer learning in small group settings
Coaching and group debriefing
Tracked progress with personalized feedback
Examples of customer-centric challenges

See key learnings from recent customer-centric projects.

  • Medtech
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Company

    International medical technology company – 50,000+ employees

    Customer-centric challenge

    ● Understand the customer’s full diagnostic pathway
    ● Identify gaps and address potential solutions
    ● Develop a winning, end-to-end journey for the customer


    ● Mobilized resources internally to engage all relevant departments
    ● Set up a team of experts to map out a customer blueprint with avatars
    ● Ran working sessions with sales, customer service and clinical teams to build collaboration and gain insights

    Key learnings

    ● Don’t just focus on fixing current gaps. It’s critical to keep the bigger vision in mind
    ● No-one has the full view internally. Understand how departments interact and impact each other to reduce pain points
    ● Working with experts on different customer touch points unlocks powerful new insights

    What’s next ?

    ● Feed this initiative into the annual strategy
    ● Share and adapt learnings for other priority initiatives


    International brokerage and financial services group – 15,000+ employees

    Customer-centric challenge

    ● How to enhance digital offering to customers
    ● Identify customer pain points
    ● Encourage higher digital engagement


    ● Established a customer-focused team to include sales, head of business and clients
    ● Mapped out internal customers as well as external ones to identify all needs
    ● Held focus groups and individual conversations with external customers – with a view to learning rather than “selling”

    Key learnings

    ● Customer likes using several providers. Focus on key strengths rather than trying to deliver all products to the customer
    ● Embed better relationships with smaller customers to focus on the bigger potential
    ● Clearly display full customer offering so information is more easily accessible

    What’s next ?

    ● Enhance key offerings to build competitive advantage
    ● Remove barriers to entry for smaller customers


    Tool and hardware manufacturer. European headquarters -1,000 employees

    Customer-centric challenge

    ● Identify the real “job to be done” for the end user
    ● Develop the relationship of trusted adviser rather than simply a tool supplier
    ● Simplify product offering


    ● Set up a network of experts, including a strategy team to clarify what it means to sell online
    ● Developed a “product selector” filter to collect data insights and better direct the customer
    ● Enhanced e-commerce and content marketing teams to develop an accurate customer narrative

    Key learnings

    ● Internal buy-in is obtained much more rapidly once you have real customer insights
    ● Introducing new Gen-Z employees brings access to the latest technologies and methodologies to improve digital presence
    ● Creating a differentiated, service-based online offering avoids channel conflicts with existing business

    What’s next ?

    ● Continue customer storytelling around the jobs to be done
    ● Build a network of experts to test new products in small market environments

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    Next start & fee
    6 Feb – 20 Apr 2023
    liVe virtual
    9 weeks including 3 weeks immersive learning
    CHF 7,900
    8 Sep – 6 Nov 2023
    liVe virtual
    9 weeks including 3 weeks immersive learning
    CHF 7,900

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    IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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    One step closer to joining the IMD Alumni Network

    This program will bring you closer to achieving your IMD Alumni Status. Get ready to become part of our exclusive network of global business leaders.

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