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Brain Circuits

Questions to help you tackle inflation challenges

IbyIMD+Published 17 June 2022 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

The US Federal Reserve Bank’s rate hike, the recent surge in bond yields, and the emergency meeting of the European Central Bank have all thrust inflation back into the spotlight this week. It’s unclear whether actions by these banks will be able to guide their economies to a soft landing, but with most of the globe still in pandemic recovery mode, the war in Ukraine, and supply chain disruptions from a variety of sources, inflation is going to be a difficult dragon to tame. There are a number of actions businesses can consider when dealing with inflationary pressures. Here are some you may want to review today:

Do you know the right way to raise prices?

The good news for businesses is that consumers don’t necessarily mind paying higher prices if they think the reasons behind the price hikes are fair. Make sure you carefully consider how you are planning to communicate any price hikes if that’s one of your strategies for dealing with inflationary pressures. Read more about the details of how to go about it here.

Do you understand the benefits of agile pricing?

If you’re considering changing your prices, you may also want to consider a total revamp of your strategy. Agile pricing is one way some companies are handling supply chain disruptions. Read more about how it works here.

Have you considered how inflation is affecting your employees?

While you may be strategizing how to deal with the impact inflation is having on your business, don’t forget that some of the people in the room may be struggling on a personal level. This article gives you an excellent checklist of things you can do to help workers who may be having a tough time with the recent cost of living increases.

Are you asking yourself and your team the right questions?

As interest rates go up, money is getting tighter and tighter. There are certain questions you should be asking before you move forward with any strategic moves. Read the exercise here.

Are you missing key cost savings?

Energy prices are always volatile, but the war in Ukraine and disruptions across the globe are amplifying the problem. This is a good time to take stock of whether you could save money. Consider these four ways to cut energy costs.


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