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Brain Circuits

Do you use a good question mix?

IbyIMD+ Published 2 August 2022 in Brain Circuits • 2 min read

Strong leaders ask a lot of questions and as their role changes the questions they ask need to change as well. But they often don’t. It’s not enough to simply ask open questions, then follow up those questions. Leaders also need to consider the mix of questions they ask so as to avoid various knowledge traps.

Have you ever thought about which questions you ask and which types of questions you use? Have you considered what happens if you don’t ask some questions? Take time out to consider this.

Our research has identified four specific types of questions:

  1.   Productive: These are “now what?” questions. This type of question helps leaders disengage and realize that jumping straight to a solution isn’t appropriate. It also helps to prevent getting frozen in place.
  2.   Anal…
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