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Jean-Pierre Jeannet

Professor Emeritus of Global Strategy and Marketing

Jean-Pierre Jeannet is Professor Emeritus of Global Strategy and Marketing. His areas of special interest are global business, marketing strategies, market orientation, and the globalization of medium-sized companies.

In 1974, Jeannet became a member of the faculty of Babson College, where he held the FW Olin Distinguished Chair in Global Business and was for many years director of the Glavin Center for Global Business. In 1980 he served as a visiting professor at the Keio Business School in Tokyo, Japan, and in 1981 he became a visiting professor at Imede, one of the two founding institutes of IMD. He regularly participated in programs on an annual basis until 1993, when he was appointed to a dual full-time appointment at IMD and Babson. He retired from IMD in 2010, and from Babson College in 2013. For the period of 2013 to 2016, he held the Quishi Chair at the Zhejiang University School of Management in Hangzhou, China.

Tables have turned: Today, it is the successful smaller companies that offer the most valuable insights for the business community at large, and big companies in particular. For decades, the opposite was true.

After stepping down from his faculty positions, he assumed the leadership of three major research projects which resulted in the publication of several major books.

The first project, From Coal to Biotech, dealt with the long-term collaboration between DSM and the IMD faculty around the company transformation.

A second project documented the 60-year history of the AO Foundation (Davos), including its economic, business, and health-economic impact on a global basis, published as Leading a Surgical Revolution in 2019.

In conjunction with faculty teams from the University of St Gallen and University of Lucerne, the third project focused on the long-term patterns of success for Swiss-based SMEs in global export markets, published in 2021 as Masterpieces of Swiss Entrepreneurship.

Throughout his career, Jeannet has been a consultant and active in executive education for many international companies and organizations including ABB, Bayer, Cargill, Deloitte, DSM, ICI, J&J, Merck-Serono, Nestlé, Nokia, Novartis, Renaissance Foundation, Roche, Siemens, Sulzer, UCB Pharma, UBS, WWL, the Wertheimer Group, and Zeneca. He served for 12 years, first as a member and later Vice-Chairman of the board of PubliGroupe, an international media company since acquired by Swisscom. He also serves on the advisory boards of the Humanitarian Board of Golden Rice.

He holds a PhD and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

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