On-campus program
Future Readiness Strategy

Adapt, innovate, and disrupt to build your organization’s future readiness.

On-campus program

Future Readiness Strategy

Adapt, innovate, and disrupt to build your organization’s future readiness.

Location Lausanne

Length 2.5 days

Fee CHF 4,950

Next program starts 5 December 2023

Be prepared to overcome uncertainty

Your organization’s success depends on its preparedness for disruptions. The more uncertain the world seems to be, the more important it is to become future ready. Being future-ready is a source of resilience during a crisis. It also helps your organization to capture new growth when opportunities arise, when normality returns.

Future Readiness Strategy is based on insights from a multi-year research project at IMD’s Center for Future Readiness. The center benchmarked leading companies across industries to understand what choices they make, how they work, and what exceptional leaders do.

Clarity matters. This program will help you see what’s most important, so you can prioritize. You will discover how to build your own future-ready organization, starting with your team, and yourself.

Through a set of framework and tools, you’ll devise your strategy for future readiness.

Assess your organization’s foundational knowledge and its trajectory relative to new competition.

Learn how to accelerate your organization’s ability to acquire and cultivate knowledge disciplines that are critical to its future success.

Identify the most powerful forces that will soon shape your sector and how best to leverage them to your organization’s advantage.

Discover the potential of AI and smart machines for your business, your team and your own career to ensure you remain indispensable to your organization.

Develop a “leap” strategy for your organization or business unit and an action plan for implementation.

You and your class

You are an innovative leader, a forward-looking strategist or a manager who aspires to make your organization more resilient and your team indispensable? Then this program is for you.

The program will provide you with real-time, bite-sized, actionable insights to lead change and to drive your organization to become future proofed.

Your class is carefully selected to ensure an impactful experience with a truly diverse group of global peers. Your learning peers will become a trusted resource and network as you continue to grow beyond the program experience.

To maximize the impact of learning and encourage immediate application of insights, you can join this program as a team.

The Future Readiness Indicator in the media
Watch Program Director Howard Yu talking about the Future Readiness Indicator on TV.

Future Readiness Strategy will give participants the confidence and clarity to drive growth for their organizations by building new capabilities ahead of time.

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Howard Yu Program Director
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Length: 2.5 days

5 Dec – 7 Dec 2023
2.5 days
CHF 4,950
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