Your learning journey

Designed to help you address five critical future readiness challenges and their related core principles.

Your learning journey

Designed to help you address five critical future readiness challenges and their related core principles.


LiVe virtual, 1 hour

Meet program directors Mark Greeven and Howard Yu for a one-hour liVe virtual session with your fellow participants. You will be introduced to the concept of future readiness, engage in reflection exercises around your specific goals and challenges related to the topic, and start building relationships with peer executives.


On campus, 2.5 days

Understand the five critical future readiness challenges and how you can address them.

  • Challenge 1: How to identify your blind spots and acquire new capabilities

Learn how future-ready organizations scale up capabilities ahead of time.

  • Challenge 2: How to democratize expertise across your enterprise, starting with your area

Explore how to resolve the challenges of finding relevant capabilities and knowledge, sharing them among colleagues and departments, and making tacit knowledge available to all. Discover how to foster collaboration through codification.

  • Challenge 3: How to simplify coordination and cut through bureaucracy without causing chaos

Find out how future-ready organizations reduce complexity by standardizing capabilities as micro services. You will learn how APIs and interfaces make the difference for scaling competences.

  • Challenge 4: How to open up your enterprise and leverage innovation from others

Understand how to become a customer-led innovator by involving customers in your value-creating process and giving them access to your internal processes.

  • Challenge 5: How to accelerate growth by empowering others to grow

Discover the ecosystem flywheel and develop prototypes of potential ecosystems around your customers.


LiVe virtual, 1 hour

Consolidate the insights you gained during the program and reflect on your immediate next steps as you get ready to implement your strategy for future readiness.

Detailed schedule






25 Oct, 14:00-15:00 (CEST)

LiVe virtual

1 hour


11 & 12 Nov, 8:30-18:30, 13 Nov, 8:30-12:30 (CET)

On campus

2.5 days


16 Dec, 14:00-15:00 (CET)

LiVe virtual

1 hour

Strategy for Future Readiness enables you to future-proof yourself, your team and your organization with strategic insight and an actionable framework.

Practical framework

Discover a practical framework for becoming future-ready by exploring five key challenges and their principles of action.

Future readiness dimensions

Gain insights on how to become future-ready as an individual, team or organization. You will dive deeper into the three axes of future readiness and understand how they are interrelated.

Roadmap for future readiness

Capture your insights and learnings into a cohesive roadmap for future readiness, tailored to your own specific role and context.

Specific team project

If you come as a team, work on a specific challenge or opportunity and explore new opportunities for your organization.