Blended program
Strategy for Future Readiness

Transform and equip yourself, your team and your organization for the future.

Blended program

Strategy for Future Readiness

Transform and equip yourself, your team and your organization for the future.

Location Blended

Length 2.5 days on campus & 2 liVe sessions

Fee CHF 4,950

Next program starts 5 December 2023

Are you ready for tomorrow’s business?

Future readiness is the ability to continuously rejuvenate and reinvent your core business strategically while simultaneously creating new sources of competitive advantage. Leaders who are future-ready, especially in times of crisis or uncertainty, can adapt to new realities faster, develop internal capabilities with a sharper focus, and find new sources of growth with an elevated sense of purpose.

Strategy for Future Readiness draws on research by IMD’s Center for Future Readiness and China Initiative to propose a practical framework for individuals, teams, and organizations to become future-ready by addressing five critical challenges.

You will develop your own strategic roadmap for becoming future-ready in the context of a continuously changing business landscape, societal needs, and disruptive technologies.

Understand future readiness

Gain a full grasp of “future readiness” via practical examples, case studies and discussions​.

Explore the three dimensions of future readiness

Understand the three axes of being future-ready – you, your team and your company – and how they are interrelated. ​

Acquire an actionable framework

Discover a practical framework for tackling key challenges related to future readiness.

Contextualize future readiness

Translate the core principles of future readiness into your own context via practical application of insights and peer-to-peer coaching​.

Develop your roadmap for future readiness

Capture the insights from the program sessions into a cohesive roadmap for your role, your team, and your organization.

You and your class

You are:

  • An innovative business leader aspiring to lead change amid uncertainty to future-proof your organization.
  • A mid- to senior-level manager seeking to understand how your business can remain relevant and what role you can play in shaping its future.
  • A visionary strategist involved in innovation, marketing, operations, IT, human resources, or general management, and playing a critical role in developing the long-term vision of your organization.


Your team

Joining this program as a team will enable you to:

  • Tackle the challenges of future readiness together.
  • Shift your collective mindset and give you a shared sense of purpose.
  • Align on key objectives will accelerate your team’s journey to future readiness.

Future-ready companies grow by reinforcing and extending their ecosystems, forging deep and broad relationships with partners, customers, and sometimes even rivals. Future-ready companies grow by helping others to grow.

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Mark Greeven Program Co-Director

In both business and sports, most wins are decided before the game even starts. We can’t always choose when chances come our way, but we can control how ready we are. That’s why future readiness is a never-ending job that keeps us on our toes.

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Howard Yu Program Co-Director
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Length: 2.5 days & 2 liVe sessions

5 Dec – 7 Dec 2023
2.5 days
CHF 4,950
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