A book by Arnaud Chevallier and Albrecht Enders

The authors

Arnaud Chevallier
Professor Arnaud Chevallier
Professor of Strategy

Arnaud Chevallier helps executives solve complex problems and make better decisions under uncertainty. His research, teaching and consulting draw on empirical findings from diverse disciplines to provide concrete tools…

Albrecht Enders
Professor Albrecht Enders
Professor of Strategy and Innovation

Albrecht Enders is Professor of Strategy and Innovation at IMD. His major research, teaching and consulting interests are in the areas of managing discontinuous change and top team strategy development processes.…

Advance Praise

3 steps to critical problem solving
Topics: Decision Making, Strategy Implementation
By Arnaud Chevallier, Albrecht Enders - 15 September 2021
When faced with a strategic challenge, executives often treat the symptoms of the problem rather than the underlying pain.
3 min. read
Not all problems are created equal
Topics: Strategy, Strategy Implementation
By Arnaud Chevallier and Albrecht Enders - 2 December 2019
Problem solving is bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It requires designing a strategy—which includes making decisions—and putting it into action. This sounds easy. But problems come in all…
6 min. read