A Simple Solution to Complex Problems
248 pages
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Problem solving skills are in high demand, yet we’re not taught how to develop and apply these skills appropriately. Solvable offers a simple solution with a 3 -step process—Frame, Explore, Decide—and concrete tools that you can use to become a better problem solver and successfully engage relevant people, whatever the challenge you face.

Discover a three-step process for complex problem solving: Frame, Explore, Decide

  • Find practical, concrete tools that managers and executives can use to become better problem solvers in any situation
  • Build high in-demand problem-solving skills that employers are looking for
  • Learn evidence-based skills built from management, psychology, medicine, engineering, and design research

A 3-step process for solving complex problems of any kind.

Try the free online problem solving tool- The DragonMaster app guides you through the 3-step process so you can solve your problem online.

You can also buy the book on Barnes & Nobles, Book Depository, Orell Füssli and Routledge.
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