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Leadership OS

The operating system you need to succeed

Shlomo Ben-Hur

By Professor Shlomo Ben-HurShlomo Ben-Hur
with Nik Kinley

Based on years of original research, this book controversially counters almost every existing leadership model and approach.

It shows how as leaders rise to senior levels, their roles become less about doing things that directly drive results and more about directing and supporting others to achieve objectives. Using case studies and research insights the authors reveal how leadership success is thus not so much about having the right core capabilities, but about creating the right environment.

Using the analogy of a smartphone operating system (OS), the book presents a new way of thinking about leadership. The authors provide a clear and practical framework to follow and show how your leadership OS becomes the impact you have, the imprint you make and the foundation of your legacy as a leader.

This book is not about the core capabilities you need to have, but about the operating systems you need to create.

Shlomo Ben-Hur and Nik Kinley

After reading it, you will learn:

  • How to diagnose the impact you have as a leader and understand the OS you create
  • How famous business and societal leaders have created effective – and sometimes ineffective – OSs
  • How to optimise your OS to produce the best results
  • How to get people working together effectively, and be a high-performing leader

Providing you with practical and easy to follow advice, this book will show you how leadership success is not about having the core capabilities, but about creating the right operating systems for your organisation.

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