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Women's empowerment

Are you a chameleon or a true-to-selfer?Navigating the authenticity paradox in leadership

IbyIMD+15 March 2024 • by Jennifer Jordan in Women's empowerment

Balancing authenticity with workplace demands poses a challenge for leaders striving for integrity. How can leaders reconcile their true selves with organizational expectations? ...

In the business world, the buzzword “authenticity” is everywhere. We’re bombarded with the notion of being our “authentic selves,” a state where our actions align seamlessly with our values and beliefs. But what does authenticity really mean, especially in the context of the workplace? And how do we navigate the delicate balance between being true to ourselves and adapting to the demands of our professional environments?

In a recent Leading in Leading in Turbulent Times webinar, I discussed this paradox faced by leaders. I also offered research-based strategies to help them navigate this conflict, aimed at promoting inner peace and stability.

Authenticity can be defined as the state of self-actualization and congruent behavior, where our actions are in harmony with our values. Yet, authenticity is a subjective concept and is inherently self-reported, making it challenging to quantify or judge objectively. Nonetheless, there are tangible benefits.

According to various…

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