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Digital transformation: building a successful relationship between IT and digital

Published 18 March 2022 in Innovation • 7 min read

Bridging silos between these often conflicting groups is essential to any successful digital transformation.


This article was originally published in our book, Hacking Digital: Best Practices to Implement and Accelerate Your Business Transformation, which focuses on how to implement and execute successful digital strategies. It features a compendium of insights that address specific, real-world challenges head on.

Over the last decade, traditional IT organizations and digital ventures have had a rocky relationship. Traditional (legacy) IT is often viewed as a major impediment to digital innovation, while digital is lauded as the engine of a better future. Truth is, the two must be closely coupled for a digital transformation to be successful. It takes the right mindset, a common vision of a better digital future, clear accountabilities, and proper governance mechanisms.

Why it matters  

Studies on digital transformations often cite archaic IT systems and applications as…

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