Hacking Digital

A book by Michael Wade, Didier Bonnet, Tomoko Yokoi and Nikolaus Obwegeser

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital adoption has accelerated rapidly and is showing no signs of slowing. What was once just desirable is now an essential part of any competitive business, and the phrase “Digital Transformation” has become a corporate mantra in boardrooms around the world.

While most executives have moved past the initial excitement about what digital technologies can do to improve their organizations, too many are still struggling with how to respond.

Now a team of world-leading digital transformation experts has authored a practical new guide to show how businesses can achieve success in their transformation initiatives. Hacking Digital draws upon years of experience and insights from more than 1,500 digital leaders to uncover the 30 most common challenges, and provide a compendium of insights and best practices to follow.

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Hacking digital
Michael Wade
Professor Michael Wade
Professor of Innovation and Strategy Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation

Professor of Innovation and Strategy Michael Wade is an expert on digital transformation. He holds the Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation at IMD and is Director of IMD’s Global Center for Digital Business…

Didier Bonnet
Professor Didier Bonnet
Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation

Didier Bonnet focuses on digital economics, digital strategy, disruptive innovation, and the process of large-scale digital transformation for global corporations. A globally recognized thought leader on digital…

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Tomoko Yokoi
Researcher at IMD

Tomoko Yokoi is a researcher and writer at the Global Center for Digital
Business Transformation at IMD. She is a Forbes contributor on topics related to digital transformation and innovation, and her articles have…

Nikolaus Obwegeser
Dr Nikolaus Obwegeser
Professor and Director at Institute for Information Systems and Digital Transformation

Nikolaus Obwegeser is a professor and director of the Institute for Digital
Technology Management at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH). His areas of expertise include digital business transformation and…

Cutting through the jargon to really understand digital transformation
Topics: Digital
By CEO Today - 20 October 2021
The 30 most common challenges digital transformation poses business leaders are uncovered by a team of world-leading experts who offer their insights and best practices.
3 min. read
How digital leaders can be more credible
Topics: Digital
By Wade, Bonnet, Yokoi, Obwegeser - 15 October 2021
How understanding their role and which organisational levers to activate can make digital leaders more credible
3 min. read
How Digital Inclusion Can Help Solve Grand Challenges
Topics: Social Innovation
By Tomoko Yokoi, Nikolaus Obwegeser, and Michela Beretta - 14 June 2021
A global study uncovers best practices for designing virtual hackathons with high levels of engagement and collaboration.
11 min. read
Why globalization is going nowhere, despite the current panic
Topics: Competitiveness
By Christos Cabolis - 23 July 2020
Globalization, that is the increased interdependency among economies with respect to trade of goods and services, as well as the flow of capital, people and ideas, has long had its pluses and minuses. Seen generally,…
Focus on execution for digital transformation at scale
Topics: Digital
By Didier Bonnet, Michael R. Wade, Tomoko Yokoi - 15 December 2021
Expert advice for tackling the shortcomings in digital business model transformations
3 min. read
Focus on people and culture for digital transformation at scale
Topics: Digital, Leadership
By Didier Bonnet and Michael R. Wade - 1 July 2021

Digital transformation has become an imperative for most companies, but the process can be intense and agonizing. Leaders need to surmount manifold challenges that have more to do with people and culture than technology.

The digital vortex is accelerating, but companies don’t have a clear plan how to move forward
Topics: Digital
By Michael R. Wade - 29 April 2021

IMD’s 2021 Digital Vortex Report reveals that 90% of executives across 14 industries surveyed are moving closer to the center of the vortex, where the velocity and magnitude of change…

Press article
Corporate Digital Responsibility: the next ethical frontier
Topics: Digital
By Öykü Işık and Michael R. Wade - 1 October 2021
There have been two megatrends that have dominated the last decade: digitization and ethics and sustainability, but so far there have been few points of intersection between these two trends.
3 min. read
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