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Four things you can learn about retail from China

IbyIMD+ Published 25 January 2022 in Brain Circuits • 2 min read

China has long been known for its massive manufacturing operations, but it is poised to change retail in a much larger way. If you are in the business of selling to consumers, you would do well to look at China to get a glimpse of the future. There are four major changes on the horizon.

Beyond omnichannel. You read that right. Chinese consumers are moving beyond the idea of sales channels. Chinese companies are creating deeply integrated ecosystems where consumers can buy anything, goods, services, and anything else that comes to mind in one place.

Sustainable retail has arrived. Although counterintuitive to many, Chinese companies and consumers are starting to lead the way. Keep an eye on three sustainable retail trends from China: recycling (Alibaba resale market Xianyu), vintage (luxury service and…

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