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Four sustainability strategies and when to use them

IbyIMD+ Published 16 December 2022 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

We’ve borrowed language from nature, or gardening specifically, to frame the four strategies your company can take when considering how to become more sustainable. While these strategies have been defined as categories, they are not mutually exclusive. Companies should consider different approaches from each of these categories to determine where they can make the most impact.

  1. You add a new business attribute to your product that makes it more sustainable. In this case you are staying in the same playing field but making some aspect of your product more sustainable for your customers. This doesn’t change your brand significantly, it simply enriches it.

When to use it: If there is a lot of growth potential for you to highlight your sustainable attributes. There is no reason to make changes if there is a lot of growth potential for your company where you…

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