Get your IMD Digital Excellence Diploma

Digital Excellence Diploma

To be eligible simply choose any combination of our digital transformation programs that add up to 15 days of learning, at which point you sit a knowledge based online exam before being awarded with your IMD Digital Excellence Diploma!

Foundational programs

Digital & Technology Transformation offering

Leading Digital Business Transformation (LDBT) is your recommended first-step if you are relatively new to the topic. The program integrates the essentials of digital strategy, organization and leadership.

You could also start off with Digital Disruption (DD), an online program which partially covers what is done in LDBT.

Looking for a more tailored experience for your top leadership team? A Custom Program in digital transformation for your business is another excellent foundation and option ensuring perfect alignment with your specific needs.

In-depth programs

Our in-depth programs cover pretty much every aspect of transformation you want to dig deeper into. You can build your digital capability in strategy, execution, leadership, marketing, supply chain management, analytics and experiment with new digital software and technologies.

  What to do? How to do it?
Organizational level

Digital Strategy
"Platform strategies"


Digital Supply Chain Management
"Efficiency in supply chain"


Digital Marketing Strategies
"Efficiency in marketing"


Digital Analytics
"Harness Big Data"

Digital Execution
"Plan, implement and scale"


"Develop new business opportunities with technology"

Individual level

Mastering Digital Technologies
"Demystifying technology"

Leading in the Digital Age
"Agile Minds"

Find the right programs for your digital needs

Program Duration
Leading Digital Business Transformation  5 days
Digital Disruption (online program)  5 days (throughout 8 weeks)
TransformTECH  4 days
Digital Strategy  2.5 days
Mastering Digital Technologies  2.5 days
Digital Execution  2.5 days
Leading in the Digital Age  2.5 days
Digital Analytics  2.5 days
Digital Marketing Strategies  5 days
Digital Supply Chain Management  5 days

Pursue the IMD Digital Excellence Diploma and qualify for special pricing on Digital Transformation programs.