Lausanne campus, Dubai or Singapore
Leading Digital Business Transformation

Leveraging digital innovations to transform your business.

Lausanne campus, Dubai or Singapore

Leading Digital Business Transformation

Leveraging digital innovations to transform your business.

Location Lausanne, Dubai and Singapore

Length 5 days

Fee CHF 10,900

Next program starts 1 May 2023

Digital transformation: find your path and pace and leave with a strategic plan

How important is digital transformation to your business? Are your competitors deploying digital technology or digital strategies that are disrupting your market position? Leading Digital Business Transformation helps you assess how your company should evolve to extract the most value from digital technologies and business models. You leave with a digital strategy roadmap, ready to make the transformation happen in your company.

Leading Digital Business Transformation is Europe’s largest and most established executive program focused on digital transformation. This digital program brings you the best business insights for the digital age tapping into the latest research from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation.

Understand new business models

Understand how digital technologies and business models are radically changing competitive dynamics across industries.

See into the mindset of digital disruptors

See into the mindset of digital disruptors, like Amazon, Google, Alibaba, and Silicon Valley “unicorns”.

Become a more agile organization

Understand how to become a much more agile organization and beat the competition.

Define a plan of action

Drive digitization across your organizational value chain while preserving your core business and competing in new markets.

Let’s celebrate the 50th edition together

We warmly invite you to join the 50th session of Leading Digital Business Transformation, Europe’s largest digital transformation program for executives. As part of this special program:

Special keynote speakers during the week will share their exciting digital transformation stories from the world
• Enjoy a gala dinner with LDBT alumni plus LDBT 50th participants
Make connections with IMD alumni and your LDBT cohort, share digital transformation best practices and more…

We look forward to celebrating with you!

Dates: 12-16 June 2023

You and your class

The typical participant profile includes: business leader, senior manager or entrepreneur in charge of developing or implementing a digital business transformation. You may be in marketing, operations, IT, strategy, HR, or general management.


Years of experience


Average age





Excellent in every way, from faculty, learner experience support and location. If you’re looking to elevate your understanding of digital business transformation, this is the program for you.

Eduardo Chavez Digital Transformation Lead (Customer Education), Medtronic, Switzerland

It’s real learning for impact at IMD! You learn from examples of different businesses, in different circumstances from around the world. You get eye-opening insights and a practical structure for the future.

Yasser Joharji CEO, Nahdi Medical, Saudi Arabia

It’s an explosion of knowledge. Prof. Michael Wade shares so much up-to date-knowledge on everything happening in digital transformation. And after sessions you continue to exchange with participants with different backgrounds and industries. It’s mind blowing.

Juan Manuel Santiago Mendez CEO, Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics UK; Head of Logistics, Cluster UK & SA

You really understand digital transformation after this program. It’s very interactive, engaging and professors are amazing. I have built a diverse network of advanced people I can consult with.

Anna Michałowska Global Digital Director, Selena, Poland

Attending Leading Digital Business Transformation gave me solid insight into digital transformation. We learned how it works in the real world, by exploring case studies. The program showcased how technology can create disruptive innovations in business and can be such a great enabler of change.

Somil Sharma Business & Strategy Consultant & former Commercial Director of South Asia, Avery Dennison, India

The program gave me great business insights that helped me achieve a hybrid cloud enterprise collaboration for my company.

Giulio Vannini Senior Analytics Lead, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

You must want it and thereby be willing to engage, share, discuss and prepare. If you do so the ROI is huge thanks to a great program, highly engaged tutors and attendees.

Maria Klaestrup Jensen Head of Process & Business Design, LB Forsikring, Denmark
Experience the program

When it comes to digital transformation, the keyword is ‘transformation’. Digital is an enabler but it is only a means to an end. The end is always some kind of business performance benefit.
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Michael Wade Program Director
Your learning journey: build the right digital transformation journey for your company

You explore the dynamics of digital disruption and transformation to improve organizational performance. You will explore the implications of digital tools, technologies, and business models for marketing, sales, strategy, operations, and leadership from planning to execution.

The “transformation framework”

During the program, you’ll be exposed to a unique framework call the “Transformation Orchestra”, developed by IMD’s Global Center for Digital Business Transformation. The framework is designed to break down the organizational value chain into different elements. Each of these elements, Go-to-Market, Engagement and Organization, needs to be addressed, in isolation and in concert, through a typical digital transformation journey.

Your strategic roadmap

Your core focus throughout the week and main deliverable when you leave is the development of a strategic roadmap for digital transformation of your organization.

You’ll explore how to:

  • Develop and execute a digital strategy.
  • Protect yourself against disruption.
  • Build powerful digital platforms.
  • Become a digital disruptor.
  • Improve your agility.
Your agile organization

What does an agile organization look like? We discuss a set of capabilities that distinguish agile organizations from the rest.


The agenda is organized with sessions over 5 days, including interactive discussions, case studies from both traditional and disruptive organizations, peer sharing, guest speakers, and cutting-edge content.

Day 1
  • The Digital Business Transformation Journey.
  • The Quest for AgilityCase: McLaren.
  • The Hidden Power of Analytics.
  • Opening dinner.
Digital strategy
Day 2
  • Digital Strategy: Platforms and Ecosystems Strategy.
  • Digital Strategy: “China’s digital giants growing in a world beyond boundaries”.
  • Cyber Security.
Execution, Digital Marketing and Culture
Day 3
  • Digital Execution: Your Digital Execution Plan.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Culture for Digital Transformation.
  • Digital Transformation Governance.
Big data and corporate responsibility
Day 4
  • Transformation through Big Data and Analytics.
  • COVID-19 and Digital Transformation.
  • Corporate Digital Responsibility.
  • Apero and Closing Dinner.
Day 5
  • Digital Strategy: Fighting Against Disruption Case @Leisure.
  • Program close.
Three destinations: Lausanne, Dubai, Singapore

New global destinations have been added to Leading Digital Business Transformation. Enjoy the same core content and foundational frameworks, now with regional-specific case studies and examples included.

Leading Digital Business Transformation Singapore and Dubai 2023 additions:

Local examples including governmental and non-private sector digital transformation in addition to profit organizations. Guest speakers bringing regional perspectives of digital transformation.

Next start & fee

Length: 5 days at IMD campus, Dubai or Singapore.

1 May – 5 May 2023
5 days
CHF 10,900
12 Jun – 16 Jun 2023
5 days
CHF 10,900
4 Sep – 8 Sep 2023
5 days
CHF 10,900
9 Oct – 13 Oct 2023
5 days
CHF 10,900
4 Dec – 8 Dec 2023
5 days
CHF 10,900

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