Stay ahead
Digital Excellence Diploma

Develop the digital transformation skills you need to accelerate your career.

Stay ahead

Digital Excellence Diploma

Develop the digital transformation skills you need to accelerate your career.

Develop your digital transformation capabilities for a rapidly transforming world

Accelerate your career with the IMD Digital Excellence Diploma. Get the right skills, frameworks and tools to become a digital transformation expert. Choose from different programs (totalling 15 credits within 24 months) and pass an exam to earn the Digital Excellence Diploma. Your diploma is fully tailored to you and your learning needs. See the programs below and how participants are customizing their diploma.

20+ digital programs

From broad to specific focus, you customize your learning to match your unique, evolving business context.

Cutting-edge research

Access cutting-edge research that will positively impact your digital transformation. Informed by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation.

Earn an IMD Diploma

Combine different programs (totalling 15 credits) to earn the IMD Digital Excellence Diploma, confirming your expertise in  digital business  transformation.

Flexible learning options

Whatever your current travel situation, different program options enable you to join us on campus, or connect directly from your home or office.

Customize your learning journey

Build your personalized & integrated learning journey from a combination of programs covering multiple topics – see journeys from alumni.

Carsten Scheuba
Global Head HR Services & Solutions

“The diploma journey has impacted my mindset and thinking forward. This great combination of topics inspired me to what is possible for my business.”

Diploma journey example
Sephora Guedj
Client Manager
Dimension Data

“The diploma has made me more confident in my discussions around digital transformation.”

Diploma journey example
Amrou Hassanein
CIO & Member of the Executive Committee
NBK Private Bank

“IMD’s digital programs are so motivating, you keep discovering more. Every leader should take the Diploma.”

Diploma journey example

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Your diploma is fully customizable to you and your learning goals
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