Your Learning Journey

During this five-week journey, you will explore different tools, strategies and frameworks on how to better prepare and manage a crisis. By exploring numerous examples of actual crisis situations and business cases, you will glean valuable lessons and apply the learning to your own organizational context. Supported by your professional learning coach, by the end of the program, you will establish a crisis response plan for your organization.

The program is structured in five units, covering the following topics:

Unit 1: Prepare for the unknown

  • Learn about different types of crises
  • Identify strategies and models that will help you become a more resilient organization
  • Understand how social capital and agile team structures can be key to successfully managing a crisis

Unit 2: Accept your limitations

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of your own cognitive biases and know how best to address them
  • Be able to have smarter conversations with multiple stakeholders
  • Find out how to manage yourself effectively in a crisis

Unit 3: Manage the spotlight

  • Learn how to communicate effectively in a crisis and increase trust with your stakeholders
  • Understand how to manage the spotlight and balance informative and engaging communication and the importance of facts
  • Be aware of the role of media in times of crises

Unit 4: Post-crisis: Reflect and prepare

  • Understand that crises have long roots
  • Understand the importance of stepping back and reflecting on a possible post-crisis-crisis
  • Reflect on what you can learn from past crises your organization has been exposed to and how to prepare for potential future crises

Unit 5: Explore hidden traps of prolonged crises

This unit includes a 90-min liVe webinar with IMD Professor Sameh Abadir

  • Explore the six hidden traps of leading in a prolonged crisis
  • Understand what type of leadership can survive and navigate the post-crisis crisis
  • Discover strategies on how to avoid the common pitfalls in a crisis and avoid being derailed
Research & knowledge

Want to learn more on leading through a crisis? Discover the latest insights  by IMD's faculty and research teams.

From crisis to recovery: leading your operating system to success

IMD Professor Shlomo Ben-Shlur gives a webinar on three business behaviors exhibited by companies that have emerged fitter and healthier in crises.

Direct your and your team's energy during challenging times

COVID-19 is forcing world leaders to practice crisis management in its purest form.

The importance of emotions in efficient leadership during crisis

How working effectively with emotions in challenging times presents the opportunity to build up your resilience and become a better leader.

Leading virtual teams in times of disruption

What are the best practices for leading a virtual team and how can you achieve an equal (if not higher) level of engagement and effectiveness when working in a virtual environment?


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