Become a digital expert in just 15 days

How to earn your diploma

Choose any combination of IMD digital transformation programs that add up to 15 days of learning, at which point you sit a knowledge-based exam before being awarded with your IMD Digital Excellence Diploma.

Develop in-demand skills in digital business transformation

Two foundation programs (Leading Digital Business Transformation or Digital Disruption) provide a strong framework to start your digital learning journey.

In-depth programs

Our in-depth programs focus on separate aspects of digital transformation so you can build your digital capabilities in strategy, execution, leadership, marketing, supply chain management and analytics. A number of our in-depth programs are delivered as 2.5-day programs and run back-to-back during the same week. This means you can easily combine two programs during the space of just 5 days to maximize your learning and develop additional skills and competencies.


Participants review their digital learning journey

Choose your digital transformation programs
On Campus or liVe Virtual
Harness your business strategy and growth with AI
Explore how AI impacts your business, your organization, society and what it will mean for ethics and business models.
On Campus or liVe Virtual
Connecting digital strategy with data analytics
Designed for experienced managers looking for an integrated understanding of how digital strategy connects with data analytics.
On Campus or liVe Virtual
Digital innovations to transform your business
For business leaders and senior managers who want to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.
liVe Virtual
Leverage big data and analytics in your business
For managers and business leaders who make complex decisions in areas related to digital transformation and digital strategy and need to gain a stronger understanding of...
On Campus or liVe Virtual
Driving business benefits from digital strategy
For business leaders or managers who are involved in digital business transformation, and are looking to successfully develop an execution plan.
liVe Virtual
Create revenue from new financial technologies
For business and/or finance professionals looking to learn about the latest financial technologies that are driving rapid change. Here are your key program benefits:
On Campus or liVe Virtual
Master the skills of online-offline marketing
For senior or mid-level manager with strategic, marketing or commercial responsibilities, looking for the latest digital tools and strategies.
On Campus or liVe Virtual
Inspiring technologies that can transform your business
For individual business executives and teams who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative technologies. This program is jointly designed by...
liVe Virtual
Using digital transformation to boost your competitive advantage
For individuals and teams who are seeking in-depth guidance on how to develop and implement a digital strategy. Here are your key program benefits:
On Campus
Get maximum value from your supply chain
For experienced executives working in procurement, supply-chain management and operations who want to develop an agile, customer responsive and profitable supply chain....
On Campus or liVe Virtual
Leading your team through change
For individuals and/or teams who are managing other people and are seeking the skills to effectively lead in the face of digital transformation.
Competing in the Digital Vortex
Explore digital opportunities and threats, and design defensive and offensive strategies which bring the business competitive advantage.
Master digital analytics to drive innovation
Develop a high-level understanding of big data and digital analytics plus discover practical tools you can use to drive your data strategy.
Create strategic IoT offerings that answer your customers’ needs
Gain the knowledge to develop strategies for IoT that can help transform your company.
Recreating customer value through digital
Rethink your marketing strategy and value creation through the lens of digital, and change the competitive game.
Leading at your best in the digital age
Explore key competencies and skills you need to lead effectively in a globally connected and constantly changing world.