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Case Study

Celonis: Building a lean digital ecosystem

16 pages
August 2022
Reference: IMD-7-2286

To maintain its position as the category leader in process mining and execution management, Celonis needed to be able to facilitate – or even automate – corrective measures on these processes to edge closer to process mining nirvana, i.e. a fully automated, intelligent and real-time execution management system (EMS). But how to determine the right balance between features that were best developed in-house and those that could rely on its growing ecosystem of partners? Would the team be able to manage the explosive growth following the onboarding of so many partners? Celonis had created tools to bring the Lean philosophy into the digital age, but would the new ecosystem be enough to launch it into orbit?

Learning Objective
  • Introduce the concept of Lean and how it is applied in the digital space
  • Illustrate how to assess an organization’s gaps
  • Showcase how to build an ecosystem of partners and some of the underlying challenges
Digital Transformation, Disruption, Operations, Production, Lean Management, Ecosystem, Big Data, Process Management, Data Mining, Consultancy, Scale-up, Growth Management, Start-up, Technology Management
World/global, Germany
Celonis, Business Management Services, Consultancy
Field Research
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