Lazaros Goutas

Term Research Professor and Research Fellow at the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation

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Lazaros Goutas is a Term Research Professor at IMD and Research Fellow at the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation. His research broadly examines the impact of digital transformation on organizational and individual performance.

Prior to joining IMD in 2021, Goutas was Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Loughborough University. Earlier, he held postdoctoral positions at ETH Zurich and INSEAD Business School. He received his PhD in social and political science from the University of Cambridge.

Goutas’ research has been published in MIS Quarterly, Decision Support Systems, Communications of the ACM, and Electronic Markets. He has also taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of information architecture, human-computer interaction, information system implementation, and digital strategy.

Some of his ongoing research projects at IMD include studies on the impact of AI on decision making, the relationship between investing in IT infrastructures and fostering social inclusion in developing countries, and on the performance implications of digital and environmental management organizational capabilities.

Academic publications
Multifarious roles and conflicts on an interorganizational green IS
Under increasing pressure to demonstrate environmental responsibility, organizations realize that they cannot claim to be environmentally sustainable if their supply chains are not. This research s...
Published 1 March 2022
Insight for Executives
Getting Started in Digital Responsibility
Getting Started in Digital Responsibility
A roadmap for adopting best practices in relation to how to launch and sustain an organization’s approach to CDR.
Published 4 October 2022
Getting started in digital responsibility
The benefits of digital technologies are well-known by now. They can be a critical element of business growth, innovation, and operational continuity. The adoption of digital technologies has been l...
Published 1 October 2022
Facebook hit by scandal again, but don’t shoot the messenger
Equating Facebook with big tobacco and other evil giants misses the mark. It’s hard to find the good side of smoking, but there are many positives of social media, such as its power to bring people...
Published 22 October 2021