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Putting AI at the heart of IMD’s operating system 

IbyIMD+ Published 1 April 2024 in Technology • 7 min read • Audio availableAudio available

How IMD navigated the trade-offs when implementing the institution’s AI strategy.

Suppose you are a business leader who has joined an executive education program. You’ve soaked up hours of ideas from professors and shared experiences with peers, supported by coaches and program managers. The course ends and you go back to your busy day job. Along the way, you think of many more questions you wish you’d asked. If only you could keep asking questions and get accurate and specific answers whenever needed.

This scenario illustrates the challenges facing conventional education settings: the time constraints of the instructor and learner relevance. With the advent of GenAI, we saw the potential to allow participants to ask questions and get answers based on the collective expertise of our faculty and vast sources of information in their own language long after they’d left the classroom.

Fast and focused

Before building any AI applications, we set up a steering committee to align the use of the technology across the organization. This committee has a…

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