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Strategic thinking will keep you calm amid the chaos 

IbyIMD+ Published 17 May 2024 in Strategy • 7 min read • Audio availableAudio available

Are you struggling to lead successfully in the face of relentless disruption and uncertainty? There has never been a better time to master the art of strategic thinking.

Supply chain nightmares, pandemics, policymaking uncertainty, climate change, geopolitical and social upheaval, rapid technological innovation. These are just some of the unpredictable factors that executives must grapple with as they strive to make the best decisions for their companies, investors, employees, and society. 

How leaders respond to these challenges defines the fate of their businesses. Those who manage to cut through the confusion give their organizations the best chance of surviving and thriving in an age of unprecedented turbulence. Those who fail to do so leave their ships at the mercy of the storm.  

But how can you chart a clear and well-founded course when such chaos abounds? I believe there is a way to, at least, put yourself in with the best shot of success: strategic thinking. Thankfully, rather than the sacred domain of a chosen few visionaries, this is a capability that anyone can learn.  

In my book, The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking:…

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