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Human Resources

Three keys to effective employee crisis communication

IbyIMD+ Published 9 August 2021 in Human Resources • 6 min read

As crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic emerge and evolve, leaders should utilize these Human Resource strengths to communicate critical information to employees.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations and their employees to transform operations virtually overnight. As a result, many senior leaders have had to make critical decisions in highly uncertain environments. Globally, the economic impact of COVID-19 has devastated many sectors, and the shift to working from home has presented leaders with a whole range of communication challenges. In times of crisis, employees turn to their organization’s leaders for guidance and support. Therefore, it is vital to understand when, how and why senior leaders share and communicate critical information.

Last year, UNSW Business School Professors Karin Sanders and Gavin Schwarz started a global research project alongside PhD student Phong Thanh Nguyen, Griffith Business School’s Associate Professor Alannah Rafferty, and…

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