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Brain Circuits

Four questions to help new CEOs form an action plan

IbyIMD+ Published 1 June 2021 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

Having been hired as an agent of change, a CEO must take a good look around the boardroom and try to decipher where changes need to be made; where fresh blood is needed and where some degree of continuity may be needed. 

Reaching this decision is never easy, but asking yourself four crucial questions can help: whether changes need to be made, who to let go, how quickly people should be replaced and who to hire. 

Should you make changes? 

Some changes are needed when an outsider joins as a CEO, but brutal changes hold substantial risks of isolating the CEO and the new team from the rest of the organization. CEOs need to keep in mind that the existing team has important know-how, and that letting too many executives go could drive them (and their customers) into the arms of the…

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