The four levels of business leadership

The Transition to Business Leadership (TBL) program consists of four, linked journeys that will powerfully develop your ability to create and sustain superior organizational performance. Integrated together, these provide you with the basis you need to excel as a transformational business leader, ready and able to lead your business into uncertain futures.

TBL_ 4 levels

Inner Leader
Build an anchored foundation of leadership presence that allows you to lead with power and humility.

Team Leader
Work “close in” to select, develop, direct and motivate individuals and teams.

Organizational Leader
Establish direction and shape the architecture and cultural context in which success happens.

Societal Leader
Shape social discourse and governmental policy as a representative of your organization.

Throughout your TBL journey you receive intensive group and individual coaching, helping you understand and develop your leadership at all four levels.

TBL learning journey
Work on your organizational or team project
Deliver powerful impact for your organization

As a participant you will work on an organizational or team initiative, helping you accelerate change and deliver powerful impact for your business.

Examples of organizational challenges, recently accelerated at TBL
• Dealing with disruptive innovation
• Supporting business transformation from the HR perspective
• Developing a new sales strategy
• Building a new organizational structure
• Implementing major public-private infrastructure projects

IMD's Program for Executive Development

The Transition to Business Leadership program is the 2nd stage of IMD’s Program for Executive Development. The first step is Foundations for Business Leadership or the new fully virtual foundation option, Global Management Foundations. Successful completion of both stages and exams leads to the Program for Executive Development diploma.



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