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The Circular Business Revolution

Practical, actionable and written to deliver results. Binder and Braun’s how-to guide for business leaders looking to embrace sustainable business models and a regenerative mindset is both timely and valuable.

Paul Polman Business leader, campaigner, co-author of Net Positive

The circular business models described in this book have been a source of inspiration for us on our circularity journey. As one of the major topics of the future, circularity certainly needs to be on every business leader’s agenda.

Judith Wiese Managing Board Member of Siemens AG; Chief People and Sustainability Officer

An essential book for innovative business models for the circular economy. This is a compelling guide to innovation with impact!

Alexander Osterwalder Co-creator of the Business Model Canvas; founder of Strategyzer

Having dedicated much of my life to environmental conservation and sustainability, I am continually inspired by insightful perspectives that challenge us to think differently about our relationship with the planet. The Circular Business Revolution offers a practical framework for sustainable business models, shedding light on the urgent need for action and the transformative power of collective efforts.

André Hoffmann Vice-Chairman of Roche; environmentalist and philanthropis

Leaders today must have the tools to navigate the future of sustainability. The Circular Business Revolution offers a blueprint that aligns profitability with environmental stewardship and transforms challenges into opportunities. This is an essential read for any leader committed to meaningful impact.

Jessica Sibley TIME Chief Executive Officer

Circular bio-economy is the oldest concept on planet Earth; since nature is based on the principles of a circular economy, nothing is lost and everything has its purpose. We humans, as part of nature, should abide by the same principles. This is logical in theory, but not so clear yet in practice and this valuable contribution is well addressing exactly this gap.

Janez Potočnik Co-Chair of the UN International Resource Panel; former European Commissioner for Research and Environment

Just the right book for first-time and experienced innovators who seek to implement circular economy business models. Enjoy discovering new opportunities and useful worksheets that will help you to take action!

Marc Gruber, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization at EPFL; co-author of Where to Play - 3 Steps for Discovering your Most Valuable Market Opportuniti

This book provides a well-structured and comprehensive guidance to any executive willing to look beyond the unsustainability of our current economy, and to engage with the transformation towards circular business practices. At a time when regeneration is becoming an existential mandate, it can be very helpful for many struggling to find practical responses to the always difficult question: “What should we change?”

Carlos Alvarez Pereira Secretary General of the Club of Rome

Organisations everywhere are being challenged to become more sustainable: to move from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ approach, towards one that is circular, resource productive, regenerative, and resilient in nature. But it’s hard to put into action without answers to the following questions:

  • How do you overhaul your business while maintaining revenue and profits?
  • How do you turn linear supply chains into circular supply loops?
  • How do you identify concrete business opportunities?
  • How do you design your organisation for circularity?
  • How to overcome the critical challenges of implementing new business models?

This book gives you a comprehensive and practical toolkit to understand how your organisation works now, the opportunities it has within the circular economy, and how to put it all into practice effectively. Transform your organisation in a way that’s good for business, people and the environment.

Whitepaper “The Future of Circular Business” and preview of the book

Organizations today face unprecedented sustainability challenges. A circular business revolution is needed to help firms decarbonize, dematerialize, and regenerate natural systems while unlocking economic value and supply chain resilience. The Future of Circular Business offers a timely guide for leaders seeking to transform their business model along circular lines.


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Julia Binder

Professor of Sustainable Innovation and Business Transformation

Julia Binder is Professor of Sustainable Innovation and Business Transformation, and Program Director of IMD’s Creating Value in the Circular Economy program. She is a renowned thought leader, recognized on the 2022 Thinkers50 Radar list for her work at the intersection of sustainability and innovation.

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Manuel Braun

Director at Systemiq Ltd

Dr. Manuel Braun is Director at Systemiq Ltd and lecturer at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Systemiq is a global think-and-do-tank focused on sustainability and the Circular Economy, where Manuel leads the circular business models activities.