Ref: 9780273746324


Managing Across Cultures - 3rd ed.

By Term Research Professor Jean-Louis Barsoux Jean-Louis Barsoux
with Susan C. Schneider and Günter K. Stahl

As more and more companies gain a global reach, managing cultural differences is an increasingly important part of every job.

This book demonstrates how culture affects management practice, from organisational structure to strategy and human resource management. Drawing upon evidence from the authors’ research, it encourages managers to reconsider, explore and transfer alternative practices across national boundaries.

As well as providing an insight into other cultures, this text provides readers with an increased awareness of their own. The third edition of this book serves to expand the discussion of the impact of culture on effective management and on utilising differences to create competitive advantage. Employing tools of observation, questioning and interpretation, the book challenges assumptions and encourages critical reflection on the influences of culture in business.



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