WINNERS 2020-2021


Please join us in congratulating the 38 winners of the 23rd annual IMD Startup Competition!

Below you will find the 20 ventures that will be working with the IMD fulltime MBAs 2021, and the 18 startups that will collaborate with one of the three Executive MBA cohorts. Though this year we had fewer candidates than in the last few years, the overall quality was the best that we have ever seen (and thus our decisions were harder).  Many of the firms who applied and were not chosen would have been great candidates, but we had to make choices.


And the winners are…..


The 20 Swiss ventures that our MBAs will have the privilege of working with in 2021 are:

AMF Medical - AMF Medical is in advanced development of “Sigi”, the first and only patch-pump for closed loop and designed to work with standard pre-filled insulin cartridges, to offer “Simply, better life for people with diabetes"

Bionomous - At Bionomous, we develop and commercialize tools for the automatic screening and sorting of miniature biological entities, for a more ethical, rapid and affordable research

Bottmedical - Bottmedical AG  developed the NaturAligner® - the world’s first bio-based teeth aligning therapy

Decentriq - At decentriq, we enable our customers to benefit from secure data ecosystems by combining, analyzing and sharing sensitive data with anyone, at scale and without restrictions

DePoly - DePoly SA - Closing the loop on PET plastic recycling

Foxight - A game changing 3-D LIDAR scanning and optical mapping technology enabling machine vision and autonomous motion

GlobalM - GlobalM specializes in streaming technology, turning smartphones into broadcast cameras using SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) for live transmissions across the world on the GlobalM CDN with our SRT distributed gateway technology

GradeSens - GradeSens enhances the Predictive Maintenance of critical and industrial assets by processing smart data collected with high-end proprietary wireless sensors system

Isochronic - Isochronic develops a new type of industrial robot for pick & place applications, capable of transporting multiple parts simultaneously

Koa Switzerland - Koa empowers smallholders in West Africa to create significant added value via the cocoa fruit's untapped social, environmental and culinary potential

Muntagnard - Muntagnard – rethinking textiles to build an essentially different sustainable brand, without compromising on comfort, quality, functionality or style

Nectariss - Nectariss brings novel natural flavors to the food market through its patented technology

NEMIS Technologies - NEMIS Technologies is a Swiss diagnostics company transforming microbiological detection in the fields of food safety, clinical diagnostics, water safety and animal health through a unique, eay-to-use lab-free detection system

Plastogaz - Plastogaz develops technologies for the circular economy, with a focus on plastic waste transformation into value-added products

RetinAI - Retinai accelerates clinics, research and pharmaceutical workflows to improve eye care

Rivalyze - Rivalyze supports and distributes the first commercial far-UVC disinfection light fixture to reduce pathogens in aerosols and on surfaces even in the presence of human beings

Skyeton - Skyeton is an unmanned aviation production developer and manufacturer whose goal is to revolutionize the aerospace industry by creating long-endurance unmanned aerial systems for various data collection

SmartBreed - SmartBreed manufactures and sells automated grasshopper breeding boxes in which Zoos, food manufacturers and farmers can breed grasshoppers economically, efficiently and hygienically and convert on site agricultural waste via insects into high-quality insect protein

Supernova - Supernova has created the first mechanical watch that integrates augmented intelligence with an endless source of energy. For the first time, the SN01 brings daily life features on a luxury watch, all powered by human energy

Urbio - Urbio develops SaaS (Software as a Service) that helps the key actors of the energy transition plan and design the most efficient energy infrastructure and technologies to heat, cool and electrify buildings



And now, working with IMD’s Executive MBA classes in 2021, accompanying them to Silicon Valley in September and November, and watching as the students pitch them to Silicon Valley VCs will be:


Addmin - Addmin is a modern solution for your personal paperwork organisation

AICA - AICA provides an Artificial Intelligence Software which revolutionizes the interaction with robots.

Anavo - anavo offers cutting edge nanotechnology to boost wound closure and keep tissue alive

Artiria Medical - ARTIRIA enables a new standard of care to FIGHT STROKE AND SAVE LIVES

CompPair Technologies - CompPair developed a new composite material able to repair itself and be better recycled, bringing circular economy in the composites industry

deepCDR Biologics - deepCDR Biologics is a spin-off from ETH Zurich that uses Deep Learning to significantly accelerate the discovery of novel Antibody Drug Therapies

Genknowme - Genknowme is an innovative life sciences company offering a new reading of DNA: an epigenetic profile that measures the reversible impacts of lifestyle on genes, in order to help everyone develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Hexisense - Hexisense sells hardware that improves the return-on-investment of expensive capital equipment for semiconductor, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing."

Klepsydra Technologies - Edge computing software for today’s data hungry world

Komed Health - At Komed Health, we are very excited to work together with bright minds such as the IMD EMBA students on our growth strategy towards achieving our vision to save lives through a better communication and collaboration between healthcare workers.”

Lymphatica Medtech - Lymphatica Medtech is a medical device producer, developing a breakthrough implant for the treatment of lymphatic diseases, with an initial focus on post breast cancer lymphedema.

POP UP SHOPS - POP UP SHOPS - The Market Network for Flexible Retail

RoomPriceGenie - RoomPriceGenie automates the pricing of smaller hotels, allowing them to compete with larger chains and increase revenue by over 15%.

Shematic - Shematic want to provide the next generation of electric powertrains to the urban vehicles of the future

SLEEPIZ - At Sleepiz we are looking forward to working with the EMBA students to improve people’s lives by creating the future of healthcare.

SoHHytec - SoHHytec is a provider of solar hydrogen production solutions; we sell innovative plug & play system for onsite production of solar Fuel and Power which is cleaner, greener and cost-effective.

Vivent - Helping make agriculture more sustainable by tapping into plants’ own signalling networks to provide early warning of a wide range of crop stressors.

YASAI - YASAI offers Vertical Farming as a Service based on a Circular Economy to contribute to the health of people, plants & planet!