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Team building

How organizations can re-shape individual jobs to eliminate bureaucracy

IbyIMD+ Published 5 May 2021 in Team building • 7 min read

We focus so much on teams when considering agility – but at least 60% of tasks are better performed individually in the majority of businesses. 

Imagine walking into an open office. In the middle of the room there is an animated meeting of six or seven people. They are clearly working on a project together. They are an agile team empowered to achieve their stated goals. Ideas are being energetically shared, a steady stream of suggestions being offered, keyboards are enthusiastically tapped, notes made. There is a buzz of achievement, of an engaged team at work.

Your eyes then pick up a lone figure in the corner of the office. She is staring intently at her computer screen and then typing. She is a person working in finance and her job consists mainly of  individual tasks. She is clearly focused, but less energetic and engaged than her colleagues, because she is suffocated by rules and policies

What do you think at this point?

Working with clients worldwide, I have…

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