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Biodiversity turtles


Nature and biodiversity are quickly moving up the corporate agenda. Here’s why every company should pay attention.

IbyIMD+ Published 22 May 2023 in Sustainability • 6 min read

A new global deal on nature has raised ambitions on tackling biodiversity loss, and companies must stand ready to help build a nature-positive world, argues Eva Zabey, CEO of the Business for Nature coalition.

Today is World Biodiversity Day and this serves as a useful reminder that all businesses depend on nature and the services and raw materials that it provides.

While some sectors are particularly dependent on nature – such as agribusinesses relying on healthy soils, pollination, and natural pest control – every single company relies on fresh water, and many increasingly need healthy ecosystems to capture carbon. Without a thriving natural world, business would simply cease to function, undermining our economies and our livelihoods. The interconnected challenges that we are currently facing – the energy and cost of living crises, war, climate change, extreme weather events, pandemics – are also all related to the planet’s fragile state.

Unsurprisingly, nature is moving up the corporate agenda, as the operational and reputational risks associated with nature loss become clearer and the regulatory environment evolves.

Nature and biodiversity loss has so far been seen as a…

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