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Why ESG should really read GES 

IbyIMD+ Published 30 March 2022 in Magazine • 12 min read

The governance aspect of ESG is a fundamental driver of environmental and social quality. Our experts outline the methodology required to ensure board-level leadership in sustainability.


Governance is often explored and assessed from a technical and mechanical perspective (with hard criteria such as number of independent directors, size of board, diversity of the board and management, compensation structures and ownership structures) that seems detached from environmental and social dimensions. Governance metrics do not pertain directly to sustainability, carbon footprint and other environmental or social dimensions. ESG is then seen as a juxtaposition of three different dimensions (environmental, social and corporate governance), which are combined but are not necessarily related. These three dimensions are thus best measured separately, and a composite index can be constituted that cumulates or averages separate measures of the different dimensions.  

A fundamental…

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