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Design Thinking for Business Innovation and Digital Transformation

Professors Didier Bonnet and Patrick Reinmoeller

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This webinar, hosted by Dr Peter Lorange, Honorary President of IMD, with IMD Professors Didier Bonnet and Patrick Reinmoeller explores and reports on how design thinking can help businesses adapt and innovate. Achieving competitiveness and continuity requires that companies find their own path forward. Design thinking as an approach to innovation can be greatly enhanced with digital technology and used as an effective tool for value creation. For such synergies to arise constraints need to be removed, mindsets changed, and cultures rejuvenated.

Design Thinking: the social technology of innovation

Design Thinking is more than a way to generate innovative ideas for new products and services – it offers a powerful social technology capable of encouraging more productive strategic conversations that couple digital transformation with a human dimension. By changing the mindsets and skillsets of those who practice it in ways that make them more adaptive and resilient, as well as innovative, it holds the key to unlocking both  high value opportunities for customers and as well as driving strategic change within organizations. 

We are pleased to be joined by these distinguished speakers:

  • David Kester is Founder and Managing Director of Design Thinkers Academy London, a training organization for business, specializing in collaborative innovation. He advises on complex innovation projects for government and industry, pioneering new ways to turn social and business challenges into innovation and enterprise.
  • Jeanne Liedtka, an expert on design thinking, strategy, innovation, and organic growth, is United Technologies Professor of Business at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. Her most recent book is Experiencing Design: The Innovator’s Journey published in June, 2021.
  • Stephen Jamieson, Global Head of Circular Economy Solutions at SAP, leads the creation and development of the industry solutions needed to keep products in use, design out waste and regenerate natural systems. As founder of the SAP Plastics Challenge, Stephen has been working collaboratively with industry, NGO and regulatory stakeholders to develop design-led solutions aligned to SAP’s 2030 Clean Ocean Vision.

Register for the webinar on 3 March, 15:00 (CET)

Design Thinking Lorange Network webinar

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